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See what happens if you keep ejecting Lazerbeak, Frenzy, Rumble, and Ravage to do all your errands? :stuck_out_tongue:


If only I could give more than one like to this :joy:


Welp,I took a small break from the forum to sort out some personal stuff,but now I’m back on a regular basis!


No shame in loving HMF so much, we also have a devotee badge. :crazy_face:



The meme lord has returned.


Is this a joke?


What Call of Duty? Yes, but I still like to play it just for.


Black Ops 3 wasn’t that bad, I’m just a bit confused about the game mode, and especially after such a long time.


Makes sense. WW2 died off fast and so did its playerbase,IW crumbled before release,so they are going back to what works. Not gonna play anyways,but heh. It really shows how much CoD is falling off.


Especially with the (admittedly unrealistic) rumours that MW2 Remastered wouldn’t have multiplayer.


At the very least the BO4 rumors of no campaign and battle royale were false. I legit think that they are 2 bad CoDs,maybe 3,away from the death of the franchise. Especially with Fortnite becoming king of multiplayer games,Battlefield 5 incoming,Rainbow Six reaching 30 million players and many great single player games that will overshadow it. And to be honest,I don’t really care. CoD is not a “real” franchise. All the games,and it has been this way for a long time,kinda melt into each other without any difference. Even WW2. It’s not just the story,the gameplay isn’t polished enough with the weapons balacing. The maps?The continous spawnkills?The host lag? That shit is not acceptable. What is the point of playing a game with a superficial story,filled with kids that schreech in my ear,only to be spawntrapped because some guy from the other side of the planet is in my lobby and won’t get damage?


Lol, the BO4 logo is stupid too.


Man, fuckin Bill Burr!


Yay another middle aged white comedian complaining about feminists, that’s not an oversaturated market at all!!


Terrible title, he didn’t say the word ‘cuck’ once in that video. This seems less about feminism and more about his frustration with the way comedy is changing. He’s upset that the world has become so hypersensitive, that we feel this need to defend everyone who feels offended and that comedians can’t make jokes without being called into question for doing their jobs. There’s a saying I always liked which I will poorly paraphrase, any good joke involves someone getting hurt. These days, it seems a lot of people don’t find that to be acceptable. I understand his frustration.


Exactly, you hit the nail right on the head. Burr may be a bit extreme at times, I will admit. However, I like the guy because he expresses probably what 90% of people think but are too afraid to say. There is some truth behind a lot of his bits. But yeah, the title is a bit misleading…

@Quinn if you watched the video, he isn’t really "complaining… " he’s just explaining his frustration how people can’t take a joke these days.


I was just watching a different Burr video just now when he said something I absolutely loved, “This is the era of getting outraged about something that doesn’t even fucking matter.”


Got a link by chance?


Actually I think comedians whining about their own inability to say their own material as part of their own material is more likely to bring about the “death of comedy” than a handful of people complaining. The same self obsessed whining has infected the likes of Ricky Gervais’ stand up too. His latest special is just one giant pity party complaining about how sometimes people on Twitter call him names when his shitty transphobic jokes don’t always land. Basically any reaction other than laughter is unacceptable to these anti-PC comics.

I’m reminded of the ridiculous Bill Burr segment in which he whinged profusely about being called homophobic because he acted with revulsion at the sight of two men kissing. Yes, that was the gag. He turned around to see two men kissing, and went “ew!” and moved away, and then a lady nearby called him homophobic… Its amazing because he literally doesn’t understand why.

Pathetic excuse for comedy. Burr is a wank pheasant.


Am I the only one who thinks “comedians” in general are not funny?