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Thanks. And oh yeah! Louis CK it’s been a while since I listened to him. Dude is HILARIOUS :joy:


I looooove Louis, honestly as much as I love his standup I like his TV work even better. Seasons 3 and 4 of Louie, coupled with Horace and Pete is golden-tier stuff imo.


Yeah this guy is the real deal lol it’s a shame what happened with him recently with that whole “masterbation” shit lmao I wonder if he will come back after that whole ordeal


Well he definitely did it, no running from it. His response was well-handled, the best thing he did was to directly address the victims and humanize them. His behaviour over the last decade clearly shows that he has changed and is done with that shit, I think the public will forgive him when he returns. That doesn’t mean we should excuse his actions, though.


I don’t know if I’m misremembering this or what, but I could have sworn I heard that he had the girls’ consent. Was that really true or just a rumor? I honestly haven’t really done that much research about it when I first learned of it.


He always had consent, but the context under which the reported incidents happened makes it uncomfortable. They were his coworkers and peers, people he saw regularly and many of whom respected him. Nothing indicates that his goal was to get anything up on these girls or to have sinister control of them socially, but it wasn’t cool and if at least one of these women felt uncomfortable enough to say it affected them, then I’ll just quote Louis:

“When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.”


Ah, I see. That makes sense. But yeah, like you said at least he was upfront about it. It’s still a shame either way. I agree that people shouldn’t excuse his actions, but under the circumstances I believe he handled it fairly well. I always liked him, he’s a funny guy. I hope we see more of him in again in the future.


So comedy will “die” if people’s reaction to all humour at all times is anything other than laughter? What makes you think they deserve laughter and nothing else regardless of the quality of their material? Should people in the audience have laughed and applauded Michael Richards during his obscene racist rant? Were they being overly sensitive to react with disgust? No. His “comedy” was shit and he was a racist fuck.

I honestly don’t understand how comedians can be so pathologically entitled that they feel the only reaction they are entitled to from anyone is laughter. At the end of the day you are using words and words can be very powerful. You literally just quoted this:

Or does that not apply to words somehow?



Coming from the guy who literally just posted a video about a “comedian” making a mockery out of abortion…

So let me get this straight; It’s not alright for a comedian to ‘joke’ about racism, but killing would-be children, perfectly fine?? :+1:


He was making a mockery of pro-life idiots, not abortion.

There’s a difference between making a joke about racism and being racist while making a joke. And I’m not even going to touch your ridiculous moralizing over abortion with a barge pole because that’s a rabbit hole I don’t even want to go down today.

Anyway since you are the person who derailed the funny pictures thread because you got offended over my anti gun meme (the saltiness of which has spilt over into multiple threads) You really don’t have any leg to stand on when you claim people are too sensitive towards jokes.


Oh well this again. :smiley:

Just to throw my opinion into the ring, one can joke about everything. Or say everything. Words ofc can hurt, but I dont find them damaging enough to make up laws against things you are not allowed to say. Especially online where you can easily evade uncomfy situations. If you know a comedian is just doing racist jokes, you dont have to go there in the first place.

I know though that cyber bullying can follow into the real life and that here it truely can get dangerous, so I am willing to make exceptions here.

Anyway, speaking against racist jokes is covered too. If someone thinks he is funny with racist jokes, okay. If an horde of left people gather up and insult him for these jokes, they may do so too. Booth directions.

What I often notice (especially when hanging out on imageboards) is that everyone is for free speech to be able to use pro-Trump memes, but consider what the other side says not as speech but as censorship. I cannot take that very seriously.

So when Quinn here finds comedians doing racist jokes “too much”, it is for now his opinion, not a try to repress comedians doing that. People who are truely for all speech should get a thicker skin.


If that were true, no comedian anywhere would be able to handle hecklers. What Burr is commenting on is this public show we have to make of everything now, especially when social media gives basically anyone a platform who wants one. If Hicks were active in the 2010s, in between the praise there would be all of these bloggers and “journalists” calling for him to clean up his act because it upset them or something. Comedy isn’t some low-key, private event between performer and audience anymore. Everything anybody says anywhere is under constant scrutiny, it’s taking the fun out of things.


Haha okay first of all, I didn’t derail the funny pictures thread. That was you, sir… I recall posting a video (which I found funny and posted it in the correct thread, therefore did nothing against forum guidelines) you then chimed in how “it didn’t age well” I guess it “offended” you…and that’s when you posted your photo 2 days later in response to mine and it all went downhill from there.

But, as for what you said about racism jokes VS actually being a racist while making the jokes? Surely you aren’t referring to Bill Burr? Because in case you weren’t aware, his own wife is African American, soo…

Anyway sure. That’s one thing we both can agree on I guess, I too don’t wish to go down a “rabbit hole” with you in this thread as well. So for both our sakes, why don’t we just drop the whole thing right now? Agree to disagree and stop from derailing this thread, further? Can we do that.

Also, I already apologized to you for making that “salty” photo (and for doing it out of spite) and I even ended up deleting it, so I don’t see why you feel the need to bring it up further in this thread. I said it was wrong to do. I apologized. Done.


I don’t understand this statement because stand-up comedy quite literally is a public show.

I wasn’t referring to him, but I don’t see how that matters.


Umm… because if someone for example is a racist against a particular race, surely they wouldn’t be with someone of that race, let alone marry them, yes? Is that not the meaning of the term “racist?”

But yeah, I thought you were talking about Burr so nvm


No, that’s just the marital equivalent of saying “I can’t be racist because I have black friends”


Okay… fair enough. But I just don’t see how/why someone would want to be married to someone they are apparently racist of. Makes no sense but alright…


that’s like saying “why would sexist men marry a woman” though


Not at all. Sexist men believe they are superior,yes,but their “go back to the kitchen” mentality also sees women as inferior and submitted to men. Which means that they actually like having a woman underneath them completely devoted to indulge them,as she is “”"“inferior”""". It’s the basis for quite a few abusive relationships. Racists want the other races near them in the slightest. Not at all. They avoid them. Remember the Apartheid?
Plus straight sexists need to go with women if they want any sort of relationship or sexual compensation because it’s their only choice. Racists marrying black women when they have white ones ready for them? No racist would ever marry a person of the race he/she discriminates. It’s just not possible. Or,it can happen for them to fall in love (as it has) but the racism stops shortly after.
Now,I’d say it’s high time we stopped derailing the thread,right?