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Umm… because if someone for example is a racist against a particular race, surely they wouldn’t be with someone of that race, let alone marry them, yes? Is that not the meaning of the term “racist?”

But yeah, I thought you were talking about Burr so nvm


No, that’s just the marital equivalent of saying “I can’t be racist because I have black friends”


Okay… fair enough. But I just don’t see how/why someone would want to be married to someone they are apparently racist of. Makes no sense but alright…


that’s like saying “why would sexist men marry a woman” though


Not at all. Sexist men believe they are superior,yes,but their “go back to the kitchen” mentality also sees women as inferior and submitted to men. Which means that they actually like having a woman underneath them completely devoted to indulge them,as she is “”"“inferior”""". It’s the basis for quite a few abusive relationships. Racists want the other races near them in the slightest. Not at all. They avoid them. Remember the Apartheid?
Plus straight sexists need to go with women if they want any sort of relationship or sexual compensation because it’s their only choice. Racists marrying black women when they have white ones ready for them? No racist would ever marry a person of the race he/she discriminates. It’s just not possible. Or,it can happen for them to fall in love (as it has) but the racism stops shortly after.
Now,I’d say it’s high time we stopped derailing the thread,right?


Exactly. You cannot compare racism with sexists. Going by that logic, you could also say that all gay men hate straight guys and that simply is not the case. Sorry…

EDIt: @HiddenValleyLover

Yes, indeed it is. Let’s just move on, this is getting ridiculous.


The problem here is that both of you see racism and sexism as active hatreds rather than more insidious ingrained biases. In fact that is the problem a lot of people have.


Well, that may be so, but who’s the one that first compared the two in the first place…?

Can we please just drop this ridiculous debate now and just get back on topic here? This argument will go nowhere I can assure you so let’s just move on please


I find that posting a politically-charged video will usually result in political discussion.

If you don’t want to spark a similar conversation next time, maybe don’t post it?


Yeah but when it just goes back and forth and the conversation is going absolutely nowhere, I think it’s time to call it quits, wouldn’t you say?

Besides, I just posted a video of a comedian for laughs, I didn’t expect it to be taken that serious and turn into a ten post essay back and forth… Perhaps you and Quinn should grow thicker skin and learn not to take everything to heart?? Laugh a little, you’ll live longer…


Perhaps you should stop insulting people and realise that not everyone who disagrees with you has thin skin :slight_smile:

Fun fact: there’s a thread for that. (It has “funny” and “video” in the title)


Hahaha coming from the guy who asked if I “can fuckin read?” “Stop insulting people” lol that’s rich coming from you.

I’m not insulting anyone, I’m giving friendly advice. Yes, those who take a comedian seriously, should absolutely grow thicker skin.

Yeah… I also posted a video there in that thread as well… guess what? Same results! :slightly_smiling_face:


so all comedians should get a platform to say whatever they want without consequences? cool

after I made my point about 3 times and you still misunderstood me to mean something totally irrelevant… yawn :roll_eyes:

Yeah… I also posted a video there in that thread as well… guess what? Same results! :slightly_smiling_face:

If I recall correctly you posted a picture, mocking leftie cucks’ argument for gun control? seems like bait to me


You mean the video? Please… if you watched it, BOTH sides “mocked” each other. It was all supposed to be funny not to be taken seriously. Get real…


Nope, I meant a different picture, which I assumed you were talking about.

Regardless, whether or not something is meant to be funny (and this is a general rule), doesn’t mean it shouldn’t offend/upset/etc. people. Generally it’s a good idea to not tell offensive jokes and then blame the victims for having the audacity to be offended, but hey - that’s just me.


No, but they are comedians and telling jokes is their job. They also shouldn’t be taken seriously,
what consequences should they actually face?

People have the option to not go see a comedian. Nobody is making them, and if you’re a person who can’t take a joke, or easily offended, then they shouldn’t go, or listen…

Dave Chappelle for example, is a black comedian who regularly makes those stereotype “black jokes” if he can laugh at it as well and not be offended, why would anybody else, possibly?? People just like to bitch…


Maybe the two of you can continue this discussion in a PM so we can get the thread back on track?


Nah, I’m good. But I do agree 100% let’s get back on track.


So it looks like I’m working the Reading Festival this year, any dudes from HMF going?


Nice, for Nursing? My stepsisters usually do that at Glastonbury but it’s not on this year.

I thought the Line Up was pretty terrible for Reading this year but there are some absolute gems you should see if you get enough time off