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Not for nursing, I start my degree in September. I’m running a stall there this year, been offered a nice payment which will help going into uni the following month. I looked at the line up this morning and also thought it was a bit crap, I guess we’ll see how it goes.


Well if you get a chance I would suggest checking out La Dispute, they’re a personal favourite of mine. Also, SHAME are playing the main stage on the Sunday and they’re a great up and coming band. I did FOH for them a few months ago and they put on a great show. No idea if the intensity will get lost on such a big stage though.


I am now an owner of a Xbox One S. Well my gf will use it more often than me. :smiley:
Got it with 2 controllers, 3 games (Forza Horizon 2, Halo 5, Middle-earth: Shadow of War) for 250€.


If you don’t mind me commenting on something that’s been withdrawn, that’s quite an interesting story you’ve got there, I hope everything goes well for you :+1:


This is cool as fuck


I would concur and as much as I am accused of being a sidekick dude has a point ya’ll not hearing.


Speaking of new things, Tasmania lost power for everything yesterday (huge storms and floods) so I’ve got absolutely no idea of what’s going on in the world. Could anybody please catch me up on what I missed?

Also steam says HITMAN has a new update, but I can’t see anything there. Is that important? Or my computer is just glitching?


Yeah I currently play Forza. This one has my favourite car included so I am happy with it. :slight_smile: Might not play Halo very soon, picked the packet mostly because of Forza and two controllers. Might buy my gf Witcher 3 once she got better with the controller, was quite some time since she was holding a gamepad.


That’s cool. I actually just bought Dark Souls III today so I’m gonna be on that for a little while. :smiley:


Hitman did get an update today, it added The Source to contracts mode and some other more minor things.


And yet it did not fix the problem when trying to do the “Slam Dunk” assassination…


I noticed that since a few days all games cause to crash after a huge framedrop. I then installed MSI Afterburner, found out my GPU gets way too hot (more than 100°C, I guess it gets actually way hotter and the sensor is just at it’s max - For Americans: 100°C is where water boils) So I began to check why.

I cleaned my rig from dust. Something I did not do for years. Shame on me. Check it out:

As bad as it looks, the inside is pretty much clean except a very thin sign of dust everywhere. God bless air-intake-filters and a young me who was not too stupid building it.

I kept the side of the PC open after cleaning, connected it to power and checked if all fans are working. Sadly, the custom GPU fan does not. So I need to rebuy it for 40€ and have to stop gaming until then. I hope it just recently broke and the gaming issues are not long term damage of overheating. :frowning:


Looks like you cremated something in there.


Wtf? How does that even happen? I’ve seen servers deployed for 10-15 years that aren’t even that bad.

Do you smoke perhaps?


My gf does and she is with me in the room. Also the pollution in this city is a bit high with a tram and busy street outside the window. Also as I said, because of the filters the dust you would find everywhere inside is concentrated to the front. I guess I actually never cleaned it since I have it 5yrs ago.


Woah, those fans look life the front of a laundry drier, glad you got to it before it self-combusted (I imagine that’s what dirty computers do)


I can’t wait to finish the last of my cheese, as the next block of cheese I have is cream cheese. So that’s new.

Isn’t adult life full of excitement?


Man,to be fair,cheese is awesome at all ages.


2 years that I work in this Hotel every night, some months during the day and just 5 minutes ago my boss say to me:
" What do you mean you’re Romanian??? I was convince you were Ukrainian"


Yesterday, the drummer for my band told us he was quitting. We’ve been playing together for over 3 years and in addition to being a fantastic drummer, he’s become a good friend. Replacing him will be difficult.

Now to begin the long, arduous process of auditioning drummers. This could take ages. I’m already restless to get gigging again and to share the new songs we’ve recorded.