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That’s cool but given I rarely preorder and I found most of the stuff I looked for on Ebay, I have never used my account in Amazon. I’ll give it a chance when the time comes.


My place has no fucking power, this is so fucking annoying.


God’s way of telling you to go outside for fresh air maybe? :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol, I did and I came home to this. I usually walk home so this was not a cool thing to come back to (quite the opposite, as the AC wasn’t working and it’s hot outside)


I have the option to become sous-chef at the place I work at, for slightly more money and a lot more responsibilities. To be fair I’m not too convinced about it, because I feel like the payrise won’t be that significant to make it worth it (maybe 30-40 quids a month). Could just stay kitchen assistant, not worry about shit, have a steady, but lower income with no stress, but that doesn’t sound as cool as “sous-chef”.


I recently worked for the first time in a press office for a olive oil company. I’ve being a journalist from 10 years, but it’s the first time I worked in a press office for someone. It’s not a job. Just a collaboration for an event. But he payed me a lot, more then I thought and in advance. Fantastic !


Always nice when that happens. As a sound engineer I’m used to getting underpaid 2 weeks after the event has finished.


Yes, you’re right. Untill June 2017 I worked for a company that still must pay me six months and Tfr, an amount of money for workers that finish an employment relationship. I’m still waiting 15000 €. To have them I’ve been forced to go to my lawyer. It’s a thing that makes me crazy. In that months I could stay at home to do my things, if I knew to work without money.


Damn, that’s a lot of money. I’m owed a matter of hundreds, not thousands.


I’d like to tell you if you are serious about the culinary field you should take the position. It’s not about money it’s about progress and growing as a culinarian. You’ll learn so much and although you will be out of your comfort zone you’ll gain valuable knowledge that you won’t in a lesser position. It’s also great to have on your resume to show advancement. Many times in my career I made position changes starting out as a pizza cook, line cook, garde manger chef, sous chef, executive chef, Director of Research & Development, Executive Culinary Director. Every time I jumped I was nervous but also confident because of my past experiences and I never took a position for the money. I naturally increased my salary by working harder than everyone else in the kitchen. As a fellow culinarian in the industry I say you should go for it! Good luck with your decision!


I hate my electricity provider.


I was at my friends wedding today (I still am). The wedding ceremony was at the Church. I was already a bit drunk at that moment. After the priest pronounced them husband and wife, “Ave Maria” started playing. It reminded me of Hitman and I became aware that my close friend is now married. And I started crying lol.


Damn I have quite a lot of friends that if they aren’t married they have kids. Me? I’m here at 26 watching Rick and Morty and buying airsoft guns.


I’m also 26 and marriage and having kids is the last thing on my mind. But I have to admit - wedding parties are actually pretty cool and fun.


I’m 32 and marriage and having kids are not the last thing on my mind. I also shouldn’t be expressing myself right now, but what are you going to do.

I will be offended if Quinn doesn’t like this post


Right now I’m in San Francisco, and I gotta say that it’s completely different to Southern California, the overall feel of the city is different to the feeling of San DIego and LA as well I’ve only been here for about 2 days so far, but there’s a lot of things to do and see, especially when you look at the city from the perspective of a ship in the bay.

I’ve also finished up most of my exams for school, so I’m mostly cruising/done with school as most of my grades are final. It’s a pretty nice feeling I gotta say tbh; I know what score I got on most of the exams, however I don’t get the scores for some of them until July, however I feel pretty good about them.


I don’t like offending people so there you go :’)


Thank you and don’t worry, I’m not planning on doing too much more coercing on this forum.


Take the position. THAT is how you further your career,learn,improve and adapt. It will open up new possibilities that are going to be better and pay more. Plus,makes for a good resumé.


What’s new? I m finally out with some one