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I’m 32 and marriage and having kids are not the last thing on my mind. I also shouldn’t be expressing myself right now, but what are you going to do.

I will be offended if Quinn doesn’t like this post


Right now I’m in San Francisco, and I gotta say that it’s completely different to Southern California, the overall feel of the city is different to the feeling of San DIego and LA as well I’ve only been here for about 2 days so far, but there’s a lot of things to do and see, especially when you look at the city from the perspective of a ship in the bay.

I’ve also finished up most of my exams for school, so I’m mostly cruising/done with school as most of my grades are final. It’s a pretty nice feeling I gotta say tbh; I know what score I got on most of the exams, however I don’t get the scores for some of them until July, however I feel pretty good about them.


I don’t like offending people so there you go :’)


Thank you and don’t worry, I’m not planning on doing too much more coercing on this forum.


Take the position. THAT is how you further your career,learn,improve and adapt. It will open up new possibilities that are going to be better and pay more. Plus,makes for a good resumé.


What’s new? I m finally out with some one


Go get her tiger! also may the force be with you.


Don’t tell her about your HITMAN™ gun fetish! Good Luck!


I had the gun on my desk and she was like “oh, are you going to kill me?”

Everything went more than well and much much better than expected. You know those guys who always walks around with roses that nobody wants? Well that guy showed just in time and I bought one for her.
We went home after to watch John Wick.
I met her at my best friend’s job. Well actually I just saw her and asked for facebook. I was very surprised that she wanted to go out with me just like that because I think she saw me maybe a couple of seconds yesterday.


@ObiBobi18 What is your opinion on what my friend says about Slavic languages?

He says they were invented when drunks tried to play scrabble. I think it’s pretty accurate.


Honestly, is the most true thing anyone has said, especially about Serbian and Slovene - polish is quite easy but it kinda sounds like a drunkard speakng for a first time in 28 years of mental asilum, why you are trying to pronounce it. BUT SLOVENE IS JEBENA PIČKA HARD AND SLOPPY!


Hero of the month?:


Wouldn’t even have the idea to climb balconies!


I’m not sure how I would react or do, but we had to think fast in a situation like this :open_mouth:.

I don’t understand it either, i’m pretty sure I would do anything I could to save the kid if I was so close to him as they where (were?).

Kids have a strong grip (so did I in my childhood) and so do babies:

  1. Super Strength
    While a cherished moment for parents, a newborn’s first firm grasp on a parent’s finger is really just a reflex. Babies will instinctively curl their tiny fingers around any object that brushes against their palms in what’s called the palmar grasp. The grip is strong enough to support the baby’s entire body weight, a feat few adults can boast of having. The palmar grasp is thought to be a vestigial trait, left over from the days when humans were hairier and babies clung to their parents’ coats like little monkeys.


That’s incredible, most people wouldn’t totally have enough balls and skills to do the same. I wonder why the people on the other balcony were totally unable to do anything tho.

Also getting a citizenship for a good deed is quite unusual, but it surely gets Macron good reputation. I wonder if some people get an idea of staging their own “exploits” after this.


That there is indeed bravery. He’s pull up strength is impressive, I assume the more you go up the more you are feeling your weight pulling you down.
But I’m more amazed about the kid keeping the grip


But then you get to Czech, where finding a vowel in a word is like finding a golden fucking ticket.


Hmmm I’m Serbian and I never saw my language as that.
It seems pretty simple when it comes to words.
Scandinavian languages seem more complicated to me for example


I think it’s the same with anyone’s native language. It doesn’t sound weird to me either, however, I can not speak it well, so I am no expert.

Edit: try to pronounce these two words.
Polish: Konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka



So, for example, I don’t have the Cyrillic alphabet memorized, because Polish doesn’t use it.