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My cat or rather my parent’s cat. Just lost it’s tail in a door, my brother just called me about it. He’s taking the little lady to the vet.


ooooow man. Did they amputate her? I saw some cats on the streets with a very small tail. I guess they will live with it pretty good.


Not quite sure yet, my mom will pick her up tonight after work. But from what I heard it came off in the door. It’s quite windy today, so a heavy door can slam quite hard if it gets hit by the wind.


Poor cat. What an awful experience. :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah i really love that little shit, my brother called and told me while I was at work. I’ll look in on her in a couple of days, tonight I’ll give her some room to recover.


Aw would hate that to happen to one of mine. I always try to block doors and windows so they dont shut with the wind. I live on the second floor above ground and have my window open these days. If a cat would sit there a shutting window would push the cat down. So I block it with a chair.


My brother was home when the accident happened, our outer door got a hook so it can be secured to the wall and doesn’t slam. But the door wasn’t secured to the wall at that moment, but sadly it slammed on the little ladies tail.

Just talked with him to hear how he was holding up, being the one who had to rush her to the vet and all. He said it was a imagine he can’t get out of his head. The tail didn’t come clean off, but the bone was visible and there was flesh hanging off, also lots of blood.

She got around half of her tail amputated and is sleeping it off at home now, she have to stay indoors for the next 10 days. I’m glad I didn’t experience it and left with that image. I’m just glad the little lady is alright.

Here is a picture of the little shit, enjoying my old room and a lot of pillows.


I can hardly imagine what doors must mean to her now. Hope she has no PTSD when ever a door opens or closes!


I feel so bad about this. So sorry.


Oh my god immagine how scared the poor thing must have been!
I hope that she’s doing better


Talked with my mother today, she says she’s better but still very skittish. Yesterday she was hiding a lot and they wasn’t able to get close to her. Today they are able to get close to her, I hope in time she will be her old self. Then again she have always been a bit nervous and easily scared as a cat.

She is an older cat and soon 13 years old.


My first short silent film. “In the kitchen”





At least @Travis_IOI dosen’t quit only on leave for 3 months :grinning::

This is a weird feeling. I’m going part-time at IOI for 2 weeks & then I’m out of office for about 3 months on leave, so you’ll be seeing less of me for a while. I’m excited about more time with family but also feel like I’m letting go of something I enjoy every day. Have fun!

Don’t worry @Travis_IOI we (I kinda take for granted that everybody feel the same :blush:) will be here and welcome back in 3 months time :grinning:.


Season 2 announcement in 2 weeks and first episode release 3 months since then.
Don’t you see it?? :smile:


So good news to all of you who care how my cat is doing!, I visited my parents for dinner tonight and also had the chance to check up on the little lady. She seems oldy calm like nothing ever happened and even more attention sick then before. Which is not very like her at all, she has always been a diva and only ever wanted to talk when it suited her.


I’m just glad to see her doing better, even if she got 50% less tail. She isn’t afraid of the door, which is nice to see.

Also thanks for the compassion you have shown the last days.


Me and my buddy just finished and uploaded our Master’s Thesis about 4 in the morning just in time to enjoy a cold beer looking at the sunrise. Holy shit I can’t believe Im almost done with University. Shit!


Great job! Next time don’t forget the lime!


I think I just witnessed a sleep paralysis. Within less than 40 minutes between falling asleep and waking up in panic - which makes no sense at all. I dreamed that all air between me and the blanket would be sucked out and then I couldn’t move. I just closed my eyes and woked up some seconds after it. Sorry for spelling mistakes, I’m still a bit shocked.


Sp I finally approved all my assigments of my carrer and have all the free road to start doing my professional practices but I’ll admit this semester had a bittersweet ending. While I did great grades in three of the 4 classes I had, the last one, Advaced Process Control, can be described as I didn’t gave a fuck about it. Didn’t study properly for the tests , was late at delivering projects and just general lazyness and incompetence.

So, how did the lazy ass bear got away with it a way that can be described as being a pathetic loser? Of course, giving the teacher a bottle of whisky. First and only time in all of my academic career that I did such thing. Not proud and I hope my own sloth doesn’t makes me fall again in this but at the end is done and solved.

Silly and lazy bear.