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Don’t worry man. Something new will come up. What did you apply for?


Part time job as a support guy for boat tours to the Bass Rock. Basically, I’d be selling the tours to people in the shop, and would of taken people to the boats and fitting their life vests.


Gf made tasty potato salad!

*is making


So today I had a new date. “Had” like I said. This new girl I should date starts work tomorrow very early and finishes tonight very late.
But there seems to be some sort of connection. We talk a lot and she even writes me first most of the time.
Unfortunately I’m starting my summer season job this Sunday and the hours I will work just for the month of June are pretty bad. She has free day on Tuesday and is insisting to meet next week while I have none for a period.
We never met, but saw each other a few years ago. She had a boyfriend but now no more. Friends told me to be careful because she’s somehow batshit crazy like many American Latinas are (I was told). I’ll take my chances.

You might wonder what happen with the one I published photos on the gallery, or maybe not wondering.
Any way, we hang out and pretend to be a couple far away from her work and away from people who knows her. I really don’t mind and we both agreed we’re just having fun for this summer. No hard feelings besides the only day we can meet, or pretend that we have any.
After that I doubt we will ever meet again if not one day that I want to go find her in Slovakia.

Now, why I want so much this girl I had to see today?
Pros: gamer, likes shooting or at least the idea of it, has a macabre mind and an assassin mind. I talked her into Hitman seems she likes it, is pretty and has some really wonderful blue ice eyes, 11 km away from me, she has a job and she’s from Uruguay. I never had a latina girl before.

Cons: she’s vegan…


Pros: She’s vegan, you can eat her portion of meat.


Can you believe I want her so bad I proposed to take her to a vegan restaurant :neutral_face:


I have a hard time understanding what people mean by this in english, so please elaborate.

By direct translation a vegan is someone who does not eat any product of animal origin; be it meat, milk, butter or even honey. They also never wear animal leather nor do they like any animal print design in clothing or animal furniture in the form of taxidermy. Also they don’t use cosmetic nor medicine products tested on animals, even at the expense of their health. Basically by vegan I understand the most radical animal defender but this is hardly what you mean, right? Do you mean to say she is vegetarian? Maybe not even a full vegetarian, but an ovo-lacto vegetarian even?


She told me she loves so much animals that 4 years ago decided to stop eating meat and even fish. Not really sure about other products.


Dude vegetarian is okay, lots of possible meals. But vegan will be hard, especially if she is the type that does not allow you to eat meat.


I really hope this is her case. I was thinking the same, that only vegetarian is not going to be that hard. There plenty of things to go eat outside.


Why? She’s the Vegan, not him.

Too many stereotypes around vegans. They’re normal people who don’t use animal products. That’s not a “con” in any sense of the word.


If you are trying to save some money, you dont cook two meals for two people, but one big meal for two people. For multiple days. And it is very limiting if you are not allowed to use any animal products at all for the big meal. Atleast for me. If you then earn evil eyes if you buy yourself meat one time a month it makes not fun at all.

I know such and such vegan/vegetarian. My experience is that vegetarians are more liberal.


Didn’t want to start a new topic to ask this, so I hope this place is okay to ask… Does anyone else use an Android tablet? If so, have you noticed recently using YouTube that the video window fills the screen and there is no way to make the video window smaller? It means you can’t see the description, comments, thumb up, and so on. The only way to fix it is to go to Apps, Force Stop, and Clear Data. However, after a day or two it does it again. It’s been doing this on both of my tablets: Google Nexus and a Lenovo. I’m guessing a recent update has caused this, but I cannot find anyone else talking about it when I do a general search on the internet.

Can anyone hear help?


Cracks knuckles

Ok, @badeaguard step outside y’all because it’s timme for the proffesionals to come in!
As being almost married I can guarantee that I know 99% of dating shit, so welcome to the love counsellor @ObiBobi18 !

First step, Basic questions - ask yourself:

  • Is she a robot/non human?
  • Is she a serial killer?

if not CONGRATS ,image now please look at the other steps!

Second step of the day: Analysing- just to truly see if she is a good human being for you, or maybe another one of those bitches, so let’s quote your message and break down the structures.

Great start, if a chick writes first, she remembers you & wants to hang out, in text messages if she uses many emojis - especially love related ones - she wants to illiterate those emojis into real life!

Seems not so great, you shall maybe elaborate your work hours to suit both needs.

I am mostly Slovene, my mother was spanish and my great great grandfathers wife scottish, so based on my experience, spanish/latino women are normal, but make everything like an over exageratted fiesta or a real life televonela about cocaine. So when you are going to break up with her make sure to be prepared for some ‘‘loca’’ chick madness. Make also sure she ain’t a bitch like my abusive mother and my constantly nagging sister.
Listen to shakira for a bit.

Get rid of all guns in your house.


Blue eyes are best eyes.



Last but not least: Hang out with her

Enjoy your time with her latino ass,

Hope my guide helped you, enjoy your new woman! :blush:



hahaha I guess so. Will come back here after the first date/meeting what ever it would be.
I wish I had the balls to talk with her earlier like 2 weeks ago.


Sorry about the impending life sentence.

I’m joking everyone


Poor europeans… :joy:


Yo se, verdad! :wink:


No, señorita. Usted no sabe. :bear::rofl:


I’m very tired, so I’m writing this down before I forget it. Do you think it would be a cool idea to maybe do a series of threads dedicated to each main Hitman game on the road to Hitman 2? As in, 6 weeks from Hitman 2, a thread about Codename 47, what people like about it, and what elements they’d like from it to surface in Hitman 2. Then 5 weeks, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, then 4 weeks, Hitman Contracts, then 3 weeks, Hitman Blood Money, then 2 weeks Hitman Absolution, then 1 week, Hitman Season One.