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hahaha I guess so. Will come back here after the first date/meeting what ever it would be.
I wish I had the balls to talk with her earlier like 2 weeks ago.


Sorry about the impending life sentence.

I’m joking everyone


Poor europeans… :joy:


Yo se, verdad! :wink:


No, señorita. Usted no sabe. :bear::rofl:


I’m very tired, so I’m writing this down before I forget it. Do you think it would be a cool idea to maybe do a series of threads dedicated to each main Hitman game on the road to Hitman 2? As in, 6 weeks from Hitman 2, a thread about Codename 47, what people like about it, and what elements they’d like from it to surface in Hitman 2. Then 5 weeks, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, then 4 weeks, Hitman Contracts, then 3 weeks, Hitman Blood Money, then 2 weeks Hitman Absolution, then 1 week, Hitman Season One.


In my honest opinion, no. It just sounds like a massive flood of threads where we talk about stuff we’ve already talked about.


Good point. It’s 2:30am here, I think I need to go to bed.


Blast from the past with my friend Sidney.

Bearutiful pixels :bear::ok_hand:
Metal Gear has always covered the important bits of the graphics.


I just recently finished all my exams for school, thank god. I didn’t do too bad, I significantly improved my GPA and performance from last semester and last year as well. Pretty satisfied with it.


So I have a question. I am not a computer expert, but maybe one of you can help me (don’t use difficult terms please)

I am currently thinking about upgrading my PC. At the moment I have this:

GTX 1050Ti
8 GB Ram

I am doubting if I want to get the GTX 1070 (Ti) or the I7-8700K

Especially, I want it to run Hitman 2 on about 55 to 60 fps. Anyone who can give me some advise? My current fps on most games is 40-55


Get an i7 8086k.
HITMAN is a more CPU intensive game than GPU.


Thnx for the help 2029292


Ayyy I got my final exams coming up. Fuck.


Yo it’s fucking crazy over here. This is one of the craziest storms I’ve ever witnessed; it actually sounded like someone was firing mortars.


Fyi Travis is now afk until September. See ya @Travis_IOI!

@Clemens_IOI is our man now.:slight_smile:



I guess he goes to Miami… :blush:
So @Clemens_IOI is the new Travis? :smile:

Have a good time, @Travis_IOI !


All the Hitman games are on sale on the Humble Bundle Store right now.


This is kind of random, but I’d rather not ask this to anyone in my real life because it is embarrassing. I have an interview in a week, and I have a problem with my CV. Basically, I worked for Subway for 5 months over 2 years ago, and I quit. The reason I quit was because I believe the boss was going to lay me off, but seemed reluctant to do it himself, so basically tried to get me to jump before he pushed me. This happened because I wasn’t good enough for the job, I was too slow, and I think they thought I was a bit incompetent. I was the only employee who never got a key to lock up the store, including the 16 year old employee. I need to figure out how to figure out how to spin this problem if my interviewers ask me about it.


Where are you from? Because in Italy if they are interested in hiring you they will call your ex bosses to ask questions.
You can tell the truth or you can some how tell a little lie that you had some home problems or study time related in that time or just that you didn’t like much the routine work.

I only had 2 serious jobs since I turned 18 and when I did the interviews on both of them I was very honest.
Including this last one.
My director told me that he had to choose between me and another guy for the job I current have. So very curious I asked him how did he ended up deciding to hire me.
He told me “I asked you if you know to do this and that and you told me no but that you are willing to learn. The other guy instead told me that he knows to do everything and when I asked him to show me he didn’t know nothing”.

In my opinion you will strike him more as an honest person if he ask’s about this job and you tell him exactly what you are telling us.