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Well, in the UK, it is common practice to have 2 references in my CV. So I put the boss from my last job, a farmer, and the boss of the charity I volunteer for. I guess they can call my ex boss if they want, since my CV says what town the Subway is in and you can Google the number. I don’t know if they will, but it’s not impossible.

I’m not sure I can be that honest about it. The position is actually for another food job, as a catering assistant, and it’s for the Government’s National Health Service. So it seems inevitable something about the Subway job will turn up since it seems the most relevant job on my CV.


Put simply, if I were employed at human resources, I were to interview you for a position relating the food industry, and I saw that you had an experience in the sector; not only would I ask more about it; I would also question why you make it so hard for me to ask references of you. If I knew I would have to google the number of your most relevant previous employer because you didn’t provide it I’d immediatly think you’re hiding something.

What’s the big fear of saying you were not fast enough for the job? I work at a seafood processing plant and I am very clearly amongst the most incompetent employees for my lack of speed, but I put in the effort and the bosses notice that. If they want to lay me off they can do it, they’re the bosses. I need the money and it’s honest work I can cope with, so I’m not quitting even if I feel like I underperform. I can’t get better by leaving.


IMO you should bite the bullet and be upfront about your situation. Better that then to risk having your potential boss catch you in a lie. You may not be the fastest but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve, if not in speed then in other areas.


Probably because I’m applying for a hospital job, and hospitals probably want efficiency.

Well sure, I don’t plan to lie about it. I’m just figuring out how to spin it in a positive way I guess.

Also the NHS just sent me another job offer, for the same job but in a different hospital. So I’m now applying for the same job twice 2 days in a row next week. I feel a bit nervous now.


Two job offers? That’s a good sign! It suggest they really need someone for the position. I say your chances have improved, and so long as you show them your trying to better yourself for the job…well I’m not gonna say it’s in the bag for certain, but at least you know you did the best you could.


Heh, no offence but that is a funny thing to say. The NHS is constantly understaffed and needs employees. In fact Brexit may hurt the NHS even further since we actually depend on hiring doctors and nurses from foreign countries due to shortages. Not to mention the government who keeps making healthcare cuts at every turn and wants to try and privitise it eventually.


So…you’re more worried about being able to keep the job more so then getting it?


No. I mean, just because the NHS is always needing staff doesn’t neccesarily mean they are desperate. It’s worth pointing out that when I applied the NHS through their dedicated job site, I applied for all band 2 jobs in my area. Band 2 is the lowest pay grade, with band 7 being a doctor I believe. (I have no idea why it doesn’t start at band 1.) Band 2 is entry level basically, and has no requirements for applying.

My worry is that while I have that experience in serving food, I may give the impression that I wasn’t very good at it, and therefore may not be a good choice compared to someone who hasn’t been in that field before.


That seems unlikely - experience usually wins out against inexperience. Rather you’re good or bad at the position, its at least familiar to you, and like I said, you can always improve where as with the inexperience they’ll need to train from scratch. Only other thing I can say is to try not to worry so much. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I will try to be a bit calmer.


My success ratio with girls has grown this last 2 months. But for some reason it works with non Italian speaking girls.
My best friend pointed this out “when it comes to girls who speak Italian you look like a retard. But when it comes to speak english you’re like number 1”

He is right tho. I have a huge confidence when it comes to communicate in english. And words will come up and arguments with out even having once an awkward silence.

While I still have to go out on a date with a girl that lives close to me, I found some one else who stays here for the summer for work that accepted to go out for an ice cream or pizza. I think at this point I’m thinking too ahead. But so far this summer I’m rocking


Kindof funny, because in Britain girls love men who can speak Italian.


Well let’s not forget that I’m Romanian. But still I was raised here in Italy. Some girls look down on you for that and I can’t blame them. Same for sure applies in the UK.

Girls I’m talking about that is working out good (or so it seems) are from Slovakia and one from Uruguay.


I can blame them, the racist bastards. You shouldn’t have to put up with that kind of shit. It definetly happens over here in the UK, and it really shouldn’t. I hope one of those girls you are talking to works out.




… yes you can. You can have a stereotype and still be mature enough to understand that the wider the popularion the less precise each individual may relate to the general concensus; and we’re talking a whole country’s population here no less.


Say that to them. I remember in 2011 I found 2 girls at the swimming during the night were I worked.
I immediately called my coworker to go and hit on them.
We talked and agreed to meet after at the Hotel bar for some drinks. Those were on us of course, then the magical question appears “Where are you guys from?”
My coworker was from Morocco and with out even thinking he said that he’s French. I was wondering why would he lie, does that make him more interesting.
Well I found out why when I told where I’m from. Their face changed in an instant and so did their plans but they were pretty honest and told me “oh… Listen, we had some very bad experience with Romanians, we’re sorry but I think we are going to stay in our room tonight”.


That’s just plain racism.


School is finished for a few months.


But us Poles don’t say “Schools out!”

We say “KURWA’s out!”


Feel free to slide into my DM’s with that Italian lingo anytime boi.