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Vaffanculo coglione!


Went to one of my favorite stores today (Cabelas) guess who saw “The Jungle God?” :leopard:



Is it me or has the title of this forum changed? It displays “Hitman Forum” now, and I don’t recall if it was different earlier. But it somehow looks different.


Hahaha… I’m sorry I thought for a moment that @badeaguard was lurking for girls in gyms because “working out” hahahaha!

I mean… that’s not a bad place to look for girls… but still! hahaha…


Huh @Jarbinger must have completed my request to fix the capitalization for the HTML Title to Hitman Forum, instead of it being Hitmanforum

Hurrah! My OCD is now sorted.


Uhm … were they german girls?


That settles it. :+1:


Yup. How did you know?


From time to time you hear things about criminal gangs from romania that are very active here in germany. Big families who are in a lot of different criminal activities. People from the balkans told me that they are not really romanians but the media here always calls them “romanians” … and then people start to believe in that cliche of the “criminal romanian”.


@badeaguard should just always be in uniform then when asking girls out. :wink:

“This Romanian will protect you ladies from all the bad guys.” :wink:


They’re building a new house or something about 500 metres away from where I live, yesterday they found a bomb and because of that I couldn’t go home for 2 hours after school and guess what? They found another one :unamused: I’ll have to leave at 3 pm and wait for the alarms, which means everything is safe again.
This is really annoying cause I have work to do and I can’t do that without my pc


Think of this way, you wouldn’t have any work to do if the bomb went off :wink:


Well,maybe. Depends on the size of that thing :smiley:


Yes, the only two good Guys from Romania i know or have ever heard of are 47 and @badeaguard.
In my Hometown live two big Families from Romania, “Gypsies“, and a lot of their males are straight criminals - I’m no Angel either, thats for sure, but i never robbed, stabbed someone or sold drugs.
i know beeing a antisocial Fuckhead has nothing to do with your Birthplace, but when you live in my Town, you better dont mess with Romanians.


I don’t think we can include 47 in the category of good guys


I just got a pamphlet through my door from the local church. I burst out laughing reading it, because it’s a pamphlet about Jesus Christ… using the metaphor of the World Cup. I’ll quote my favourite passage:

“During a match, a timely substitution can turn losers into winners, but the perfect substitute is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only person to have lived a perfect life and died on the Cross of Calvary, willingly taking the ‘red card’ on our behalf.”

I’m sorry, I don’t mean this as disrespectful, but I find it hysterical to compare Jesus being crucified to a football player getting a red card. Amazing.


I agree, how some can compare crucifixion, bleed/thirst to death with a red card in a football match is beyond me :grimacing:.


what country do you live in?

This strikes me as very European.


I am living in Scotland.


ha, yep.

I ain’t mad at it-Jesus took the red card for me.