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Yup. How did you know?


From time to time you hear things about criminal gangs from romania that are very active here in germany. Big families who are in a lot of different criminal activities. People from the balkans told me that they are not really romanians but the media here always calls them “romanians” … and then people start to believe in that cliche of the “criminal romanian”.


@badeaguard should just always be in uniform then when asking girls out. :wink:

“This Romanian will protect you ladies from all the bad guys.” :wink:


They’re building a new house or something about 500 metres away from where I live, yesterday they found a bomb and because of that I couldn’t go home for 2 hours after school and guess what? They found another one :unamused: I’ll have to leave at 3 pm and wait for the alarms, which means everything is safe again.
This is really annoying cause I have work to do and I can’t do that without my pc


Think of this way, you wouldn’t have any work to do if the bomb went off :wink:


Well,maybe. Depends on the size of that thing :smiley:


Yes, the only two good Guys from Romania i know or have ever heard of are 47 and @badeaguard.
In my Hometown live two big Families from Romania, “Gypsies“, and a lot of their males are straight criminals - I’m no Angel either, thats for sure, but i never robbed, stabbed someone or sold drugs.
i know beeing a antisocial Fuckhead has nothing to do with your Birthplace, but when you live in my Town, you better dont mess with Romanians.


I don’t think we can include 47 in the category of good guys


I just got a pamphlet through my door from the local church. I burst out laughing reading it, because it’s a pamphlet about Jesus Christ… using the metaphor of the World Cup. I’ll quote my favourite passage:

“During a match, a timely substitution can turn losers into winners, but the perfect substitute is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only person to have lived a perfect life and died on the Cross of Calvary, willingly taking the ‘red card’ on our behalf.”

I’m sorry, I don’t mean this as disrespectful, but I find it hysterical to compare Jesus being crucified to a football player getting a red card. Amazing.


I agree, how some can compare crucifixion, bleed/thirst to death with a red card in a football match is beyond me :grimacing:.


what country do you live in?

This strikes me as very European.


I am living in Scotland.


ha, yep.

I ain’t mad at it-Jesus took the red card for me.


So they’re already assuming he’s on the bench, good.

3hrs later but I just keep noticin inconcistencies here… so not only is he starting on the bench, but he also willingly took the red card for us… which in football would only happen by cheating intentionally. Such as a slide tackle on the enemy goalkeeper (to cause injury when they have no substitutions left), stopping the ball with your hands as a field player to prevent the ball from crossing the goal line, or grabbing the uniform of the lone striker on a 1vs1 to stop a clear chance. So… Jesus is a benchwarmer Pepe-Gatusso. How interesting of a comparisson.


I get the feeling whoever wrote the pamphlet doesn’t know much about football.


This has to be one of my favourite posts on this website.


If you want, I can type up the rest of the leaflet if you want a laugh.


Or the Holy Bible :grinning:.


Oh but there are several bible quotes to accompany the various football metaphors. That passage I quoted is followed by the Bible quote:

“…at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” Romans 5:6


Please do. I really want to see it.