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So they’re already assuming he’s on the bench, good.

3hrs later but I just keep noticin inconcistencies here… so not only is he starting on the bench, but he also willingly took the red card for us… which in football would only happen by cheating intentionally. Such as a slide tackle on the enemy goalkeeper (to cause injury when they have no substitutions left), stopping the ball with your hands as a field player to prevent the ball from crossing the goal line, or grabbing the uniform of the lone striker on a 1vs1 to stop a clear chance. So… Jesus is a benchwarmer Pepe-Gatusso. How interesting of a comparisson.


I get the feeling whoever wrote the pamphlet doesn’t know much about football.


This has to be one of my favourite posts on this website.


If you want, I can type up the rest of the leaflet if you want a laugh.


Or the Holy Bible :grinning:.


Oh but there are several bible quotes to accompany the various football metaphors. That passage I quoted is followed by the Bible quote:

“…at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” Romans 5:6


Please do. I really want to see it.


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So, I might be finally going to Skopje soon. Not sure yet though. :slight_smile:


Today is presidential election day here in bearutiful Mexico. This has to be the most joke election given how all the candidates were like clowns during their presentations but I’m going for Engineer Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, AKA, El Bronco. Was the only one who in the middle of his jokes actually gave realistic solutions, plus there is no way I’ll vote for a couple of money-laundering and elitistic pricks or a senile old bastard who thinks Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez are role models of hope and revolution.


From what the little i read about him on Wikipedia I would most likely do the same if I was living in Mexico :grinning:.

and was best known for his hard-line stance against organized crime.

He also invested in education and social development programs in Garcia.

On 3 December 2014, disappointed by the rising corruption within the PRI, was when Rodríguez had enough


But I hope he didn’t mean this literally :open_mouth::

During a debate in April Jaime said “We have to cut off the hands of those who rob. It’s that simple.” As a result, Rodríguez was trending ahead of the other candidates on Twitter during the debate.[11]

And i’m not a fan of this either:

Jaime Rodríguez later proposed to bring back the death penalty (Currently abolished in Mexico and enforced by last time in 1961) for drug traffickers, hijackers, infanticides and serial killers.[12]


He said all that and should have looked at his joke of making the Mexico’s own FBI, wich would mean Facebook Bronco Investigation (dead serious). Also, his proposal of harsh answer to crimality is result of the CNDH, our human rights organization, of being known of giving chances to criminals to go away but punishing any cop or soldier for defending themselves.


Does anyone play with Lego still? I don’t buy much Lego anymore but I still have all my boxes of bricks, and I occasionally get a couple of sets every year. The Lego, James Bond and Aston Martin Twitters are all currently hinting at an Aston Martin DB5 Lego set, so I think that maybe the next set I will have to get.


Buddy, if you want to get them and play around with them in the comfort of your home, do it. Might regret it later if you don’t go for it.


Absolutely. I actually bought the Doctor Who Lego set when I found it they had stopped producing them. Will buy this as it probably will be a one off, which Lego seems to be doing alot of in the last few years. They’re going to make a giant Voltron set which is one of the newer ones.

Who knows though, this might pave the way to more Bond tie-ins. Bond 25 is meant to come out in late 2019, could see Lego making a couple of sets from whatever happens in the movie, especially if it has a new signature car in it.


I should have a date tomorrow, but the other person doesn’t know what she’s doing. Seems like a “not today thing” so I’m taking my mom out to eat sushi instead.
Good company.


Take advantage now. Sometimes you get lucky and companies relaunch a modernized version of their previous models but it being something uncertain, better get the original while you can.


Definetly, once they actually announce this set I’ll make sure I can get a pre-order, although it does depend how much they want for it. It’s almost certainly a DB5, so can’t imagine a car with maybe a Bond and maybe, I dunno, a Bond girl or a Bond villian minifigure would cost too much.


How about the Bugatti Chiron? It’s a big car

and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS

I like technial stuff so I would buy LEGO Technic cars, maybe I will if there will be a bit of a collection, but right now it’s just 2, maybe the Aston Martin DB5 will be Lego technic set?


It’s possible. I actually found a Lego fan site talking about it, and apparently, the rumour is that the set is going to cost £280. :open_mouth: A fancy Technic set would be the only way for it to cost that.

To be honest, Technic isn’t really my thing, I would vastly prefer a classic Lego set with some Bond minifigures. If it is Technic, I hope it has gadgets installed, otherwise it would just be a regular DB5.