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It could be, because Lego have less Technic cars than regular Lego cars, I guess you would rather have something like this:


Yeah, I would prefer something like that. I will say though, if the DB5 is like those 2 super car Technic models, it should look good. They are gorgeous and detailed to boot - but not my kind of Lego. Definetly not the type I can shell out that kind of money for.


Happy Canada day, my fellow Canadian people. I just caught a brief fireworks show from the parking lot at my workplace.


I went to eat sushi with my mom. Nice day, we talked about stuff.
After that I did met with this girl. I had 2 dates this week and the best way I can describe how it went is with this meme

Nothing bad happened, but there was no attraction from my side. They are both good girls but have nothing that I’m looking for.
One of them has a gamer dad. She told me that her dad can play shooting games till the next day and also likes Hitman. I’m more curious to know her dad now than her actually.
I’ll stay single for a while more by choice at this point, but not by my choice :yum:
I’ll find what I am looking for sooner or later.

So this summer I’ll stay low, save money and finish my Silverballer.


Just like the real Agent 47 would do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. (maybe not save money though, I think he have enough :joy:)


When Agent 47 “saves money”, people die lol


Looks like we know when the DB5 set is going to be announced. The Facebook page has a “top secret” event going on at the Lego Store in Leicester Square in London on July 18th. I must admit, the fact that they are making such a big deal of this set does make it more likely that it will be a fancy expensive set. Guess we’ll see in a couple of weeks.



I just checked the price on Lego Technic and I had no idea it was that expensive :open_mouth:, so lets hope they make 2 version of the DB5 :grinning:.

And since we are talking about Lego, this is pretty cool :grinning:, a Lego Agent 47:


The oil barons in my city are greedy fucks lol. $1.30 per litre.


Almost same as here in Norway ca $2.00 per litre, in the us I think you pay less than that for a gallon which is almost 4.00 litre :open_mouth:.
I’m glad i sold my car and bought a mountain bicycle instead, it’s very expensive to own a car here in Norway, so no point in owning one if you don’t really need it.


Wow, that’s really expensive. I don’t plan on getting a car (at least, not one of my own) in the future, so I’m safe.


In my town, the lowest gasoline price is currently $2.45 (€2.10) per gallon (3.785 liters).


Lowest I did yesterday was 1.49 € Diesel per Liter.
I remember when I filled up last year in Slovakia at 1.15 € per Liter. Good times.


I’m going on holiday tomorrow. Heading down to Blackpool by car at 6am with my dad and 3 others, going to try and hit the Pleasure Beach at 10am. Spend the day there, spend the night wandering Blackpool’s promenade, stay at hotel, and try and be back up at around 8pm on Saturday.


My Friday night


That movie below seems pretty interesting


Sometimes. A fox or a cat will go in the garbage section searching for something to eat.


Are those oreos part of the diet plan?


What diet? :sweat_smile: I did say that I’m avoiding sweets for most of the part.

@Chef-assassin How the f*** can you keep a diet now. Look what my coworker brought me from Poland :joy:


So something interesting happened today. Last night, I applied for a few jobs on a job site, not really reading the descriptions. Get a call this morning from an employment agency about one of the jobs, an event cleaner. Turns out, it’s for the Scottish Open, for the 4 days it is on starting tomorrow.

So that’s where I will be the next 4 days, picking up everyones litter and emptying bins. A little nervous, mainly because of how out of the blue and sudden this is, and I’m guessing there will be extremely little training, not to mention how undoubtably busy it will be. But then I guess it’s not like anything bad can happen if I am bad at it.