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You are either beary lucky or about to learn why the hire so easily: a lot of horrors you will have to clean or dealing with nasty people, maybe both.


It is temporary. I imagine the reason I got it so easily is purely due to make up numers. I do know that I am to check toilets, and keep them stocked with toiler paper and scented, but I’m not sure if I am responsible for cleaning them.


If you aren’t responsible for cleaning toilets, then maybe it won’t be that bad. You know that for whatever reason the bathrooms where big events happen normally turn into a little pig farm scenary.


Cleaning isn’t that bad. And you don’t even have to be fast doing it. Don’t feel ashamed about the job but be proud that you’re doing something honest.

Why don’t you apply as a dishwasher in a restaurant? From there if you are willing to learn, you can catch up a few things about cooking.
My step dad had a Kosovo friend who started as a dishwasher and with some years he became the main “chef” in charge of making pizza in the same restaurant. Of course even the salary was much more.


I wouldn’t say I’m ashamed of it. Honestly, my CV is pretty bare and even a little thing like this could help strengthen it a bit. I’m more nervous, mainly because I just got the job today, and I’m to start tomorrow. I’m one of these people who likes to know what I’m doing a week in advance, so doing this suddenly is a bit of a shock, especially in a very crowded area.

I am hoping for a good job in Edinburgh. I’ve been volunteering for a charity shop for 6 years now, and they are opening a new store, looking for paid sales assistants. I’m hoping my long experience with the charity may give me a leg up in nabbing an interview. Retail work is what I know I’m good at it.


I think you have to do the basics pretty much. Check the bins if they are full, if there is paper in the restrooms, moping floors and I guess that’s it. I’m sure the hard work comes after the people leaving.


I’m like that as well, but one time I got a job on short notice ( on thursday or on friday I think and I had to start on monday :flushed: :joy:) and I ended up working there for 10 years, sometimes is better to be trown into something rather than going around a week or two to think about the job and start to worrying about things :smiley:.


From my personal experience with recruiters, they’re generally scumbags.
Hopefully you have a different experience :slight_smile:


You do realize that even the two “Good Romanians” you mentioned not from your town are perfectly capable of using deadly force. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the employment agency does have a lot of mixed reviews on Google, lots of 5 stars with happy people to 1 stars with people saying they are atrocious. So I am a little wary, but the woman I’ve been talking to seems fine enough.


Just know what terms you want and don’t allow anyone to shortchange you.


We have a group of young clients for a night and they are divvied in almost 50/50 young men and young girls all staying alone in their rooms.
This wonderful blonde slim girl comes to me at the reception asking for urgent help because there seems to be a bat in her room. Or as she said something black and fluffy on the tend.

Me, a loving animal person very excited because I never saw one so close, grabbed a towel and went with the client up in her room to get rid of it.
But while I was in the elevator a past memory strikes me. Exactly a year ago I was bitten my a mouse at work for stupid reasons…

Thinking about the bad decision to try and catch it with my hands I started to think if it’s a good idea after all, if this bat will start to fly away, or will it stay still in my hand like a normal pet.

I arrived in the room and the client was holding me by my arm scared (she was a bit tipsy). Trying to maintain a professional and a calm tone I got excited once I saw the bat and both of us started making photos.
Actually she, because I forgot my phone at the reception.
The bat was there not moving and while I was coming close with my hands I stayed as much possible in tension to jump back in case it will start to fly away.
But the bat stayed still and once I touched it (with the towel) I realize that it was dead and even by some time.
It was like a leaf, you could crush it and the noise was the same as an autumn leaf.

Lucky for me, this client tough the bat is using some sort of defense instinct and he’s playing dead.
I played along with this girls conviction because you really don’t want to find a who knows how long dead bat in your room and after that I trowed it away in the streets.


No… there is a continuation to this… because then she wanted to … uh… reward her hero…



Nope, she said thank you and made again photos at the dead bat and closed the door while I was leaving.
But she was very good looking and the rest of the girls from this group even more.



Work called me just now to get me to work overtime today. I said I was busy today.


Both music amd cats require quite a bit of attention.


Klipsch RP-160M? If it is I have the same speakers, they have very good sound :blush:.


Nah, I have the Klipsch RP-150M that sound very good.


You should actually be thankful it wasn’t a live one, they’re feckers to catch…