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My airsoft WA2000 just broke. Some mechanical part inside. It’s my fault I think, I never took care of it like lubricating it inside and such.

But I guess it’s for the best. I had the intention any way to bring it to the shop to make some modifications.
First of all I’m going to make it more powerful and second I need to make the bb barrel shorter so it can fit inside the case I intend to replicate someday.

Apparently something inside the spring broke (it’s a bolt action sniper) so my guess is that replacing it should do the trick. But at the same time a tiny bar felt from it. I have no idea what this piece does.


Oh thank god! Now I can say “the Blackballer and ICA19 are the same thing” and not have to worry about getting sniped for at least a month! (Seriously tho, that sucks about your gun).


Yes, but remember when I’m going to have it back it’s going to be more powerful :wink:


Just did my Tax Returns.
Damn it feels good to get the money back the government stole.


Lol “stole”


So I just visited a church here in Majorca and the music from the sapieza church was playing here. I was like “Let me check my back for any scientists or 47”


I landed a date from Tinder. Only bad thing is that she’s 2 hours and a half away from me.
So far this is one good year for me.


i’m kinda disappointed, that the bat wasnt alive and didnt bit you - would be a Classic Alex :joy:


If the bat had bitten him, he might have turned into bateguard!



I used to catch snakes with my hand and never once have I been bitten. I kinda wish that bat was alive so I could cuddle it.


Marrakesh will be free for some time!



I remember someone asking for this here. :smile:


Learning a new coffee brewing method today.


Cool, where do you put in the instant coffee? :smiling_imp:




I took my WA2000 to the repair shop adding the request to make it more powerful and to cut out a little the barrel.
At the same time I packed a bag to take it to the engraving villa on Friday and now I’m with out my Hitman weapons.
I think I now know how 47 was feeling after he gave his weapons to Birdie. If everything goes well I’ll have them back in September.

Another thing new, I’m going to meet tomorrow with someone from Tinder. If I don’t reply it means I was catfished and beaten up :joy: I have to decide till tonight if it’s worth it to bring some flowers with me or not.


A little over a week ago I dropped a butter knife on my foot from sort of high up, and now it looks like something’s wrong inside. Going to the doctor tomorrow, can still walk on it and pain only really became an issue yesterday. Hoping it’s nothing serious, and just a flesh injury.


Don’t give her money if she says someone in her family needs help or something like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, you never know what kind of people you can meet on Tinder and such.


I’m the first one to be in need go figure to give away :joy:
Girl seems ok, I have 0 hopes that things will happen but I’m curious to know new people. What I know about her is that she’s a metal head and graduated from art school.
Back story of her brother seems strange by some photos, but I don’t want to talk about that. Will be back tomorrow with a review how it went. :v:


Could be a small hairline fracure? Do you feel something like this?:

The most common symptom of a hairline fracture is pain. This pain can gradually get worse over time, especially if you don’t stop weight-bearing activity. Pain is usually worse during activity and lessens during rest. Other symptoms include:


That could be a hairline fracture or a broken bone in the foot or something with the one of the tendons or a muscle?

But I would stop flexing my foot until I had been to the doctor if I was you :joy:, in case it can do it worse than it already is.