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There’s swelling and some tenderness, no bruising beyond some red on the surrounding skin. The worst symptom is a sort of tearing or stretching feeling when I flex the foot, and just now biking out to get food I’ve noticed small amounts of pain the whole time I’ve had my shoe on.


Well turns out it’s a torn tendon. Should heal up within a few weeks if I take it easy, which will be hard because I walk and bike everywhere lol. Either way, sounds like it could be worse.


That’s good news :smiley:, I think you will be fine with walking and cycling , just don’t flex your foot, play football or dance ballet.

Yeah, with a hairline fracure or a broken bone in the foot you would probably had to have your foot in plaster like this:


Ok so I have to wake up at 3:00 AM for a flight where I probably won’t be able to sleep.


I just saw someone wearing a jumper OVER their backpack and now I’m pretty sure I’ve lost faith in humanity forever.



Remember who warned you :wink:

i respect that and i wish you good Luck with her :kissing_heart:


Oh Hi. It went… not good, not bad, I didn’t even expect her to show up but she did and somehow it disappointed me.

Most awkward thing was that she showed up with her mother. I’m not even joking. I took it as a funny thing to do. I chatted with her mom a lot and at some point I wished she was my date. Lady was cool and of course I made my best speech of what a good boy I am :smirk:
Actually I had more tot talk with he mom than with this girl. Any way, we went to drink something after I convince her mother what a good person I am, we hang out 2 hours and at some point I decided to go because “it was getting late”. Not really true but it was the best excuse.

I did enjoy a lot the trip to reach her. It was an almost 3 hours drive and I was in between the borders of Switzerland and Austria.

In other news, I’m alive and well.

Coming up next. I just came back from the engraving villa and I’m happy AF.
Everything that I planned can be done with 0 complications. But the waiting time will be as expect about 4 months.
In September it will be done remaking the finish. At the end of September maybe the engravings and after that I have to go up again to do a little touch on the pieces to attach. In the meanwhile I will print in steel or in titanium the Slide Release, Thumb Safety and the Trigger.


I’d watch a TV series of your daily life tbh


It’s very boring. These things happen occasionally. Beside that day usually I work, stay on the computer, watch movies and play videogames and 1-2 times a week I go home to give the dirty laundry to my mom.
Then there is the gym and running part.


That is enough to make your life great. :wink:


Yes that’s a bit awkward :grimacing: :joy:

and it sounds like she also wanted to meet you in no mans land and on neutral territories :joy:.



I think she was embarrassed. I asked the reason why her mom was there besides to check if her daughter is safe and she told me of some past bad experience and her mom just wanted to make sure it doesn’t repeat again.

I asked what did her mother think about me and she told me that she’s “confuse” but I didn’t understand in what kind of way.
Any way, I deleted Tinder and said to myself never again. From now on only texting after I have met in person.


Maybe it was because it was easier for you to talk with her mother than her? And she became a bit confused by that?

Maybe for the best, you can be lucky and find someone on dating sites/apps, but it can also result in many awkward dates like you have experienced now, maybe try to find a female friend first and see how it develops?


Her mother didn’t come with us. We just met all together and after that I was alone with the daughter.
I pretty much did all the talking asking question. She just answered and never asked anything.


Ah okay, so it wasn’t any two ways conversation between you and her, you talked and she just answered and that was that? That’s not fun :open_mouth:.
Too bad you had to drive so far to find this out, but at least you had a great road trip for yourself :smiley:.


That is the reason I wished my date was with her mom. She talked a lot, same as me and she was even pretty.
The good thing about Italian women is that they age like wine (most of them).
She was a 49 years old woman but damn… She looked good.


Hahahah and that would be cool, went on date with the daughter but ended up with a relationship with the mother instead and you would become the daughters stepdad and on the next date your new stepdaughter would have had, she would bring her mother and her new stepdad to the date :joy:, what a awesome Hitman forum story that would be :smiley:.


They revealed the Lego DB5 a few days ago, and people have already gotten to build it. It looks pretty great, but it is an expensive set at $149.99. Still would love it though.