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Wait until a nice and fair soul asks for a reasonable price on Ebay or Amazon, or just forget you are an adult with responsabilities for a moment and buy it now.


It’s a cool car, I think it’s cooler than the Lego Technic cars, like @scm97tl are saying you could try to place bid on this car on ebay.co.uk:

1 car have 8 bids so far and the price is for now £13,50 another car have 5 bids and the price right now is £56,00.


BRB becoming @badeaguard.

Living the actual dream. chill AF job, watching the security camera’s, signing guests in etc. At a hotel in Northern Italy. Occasionally catching a rare animal or two on the side.

That must have been the best 3 hour drive of your life. Those are apparently some of the most amazing driving roads in the world.


I had better, it wasn’t really that amazing. There were plenty of nice landscapes but nothing extraordinary.

I forgot to add @HHCHunter Since I was at the border of Austira, looks like the Fuchs brothers are at it again :joy:
I made this photo the moment I saw it.


Yesterday I did a 14 hour shift at a music festival doing the sound. Today I’m doing another 14 hour shift at a music festival doing the sound.

I got to mix one of the greatest bands of all time yesterday though so that’s a plus.


Is that even legal? Hopefully there’s a few hours break in there. Sounds intense.


Nah no break. Band, changeover, repeat for 10 hours. Then 2 hours either side for buildup and breakdown.

I coped by stealing bottles of Jager from the dressing room huehue


My friend got me these for my Birthday.


What’s the band?

20 c


This night just got exciting. My old TV where I had the cameras almost fell to the ground. It’s base collapsed and had to catch and carry it while my old man disconnected it.

At least got time to clean the dusty relic. :bear::laughing:


Looks like Ubisoft knows about Hitman and Agent 47


While investigating the apartment you can peek into a wardrobe where you see several black suits with white dress shirts and red ties. Nomad says something like, “Huh, look familiar? Someone could make a killing in this getup.”

I didn’t check the wardrobe when I played that Special Operation in GRW, but Nomad’s comment was pretty cool :smiley:.

Yes it is, I wonder why I didn’t see it, I guess i’m not a easter egg hunter :flushed: :joy:.


found a video of it

pretty cool easter egg


So I was thinking about opening a Chinese restaurant that also sells Italian cuisine.

I’m gonna call it Foogetaboutit. ^.^


I’m pretty bored tonight like every night and I decided to have a look at custom carrying cases manufactures in Italy for weapons.

And my god did I found some interesting things. I’m sharing here this link, mostly for me to come back but I would like you to have a look at them.
Italians really know how to make things. Plus this place is 2 hours away from me.

Something tells me the briefcase from Codename 47 is made out of brown leather and not wood as many of us think.



Is hunting popular at all in Italy?


Very popular. I would say that in my area 9 out of 10 people owns a hunting license and guns (in the mountain/rural area).
We have a couple Beretta factories nearby and I tried once to apply for a job in 2016 in the mounting sector.


Maybe because I don’t live in a mountain or rural area, but I don’t know hunters or people with hunting license. I don’t think here hunting is so popular


Clemens is currently streaming Hitman 2 on IOI’s Twitch stream.


Yes but is it something new besides Miami? We have a little more than a month since it was revealed. I hope there will a new trailer soon with a new location and more about 47.
From all the trailer made in the series, this is no where in my favorite list. All we saw was cars and very little about 47.


I actually don’t want to see any more gameplay footage now. I’d be happy with a trailer that shows gameplay from the maps briefly but more walkthroughs of levels that give away opportunities? Nah. Miami was pretty deep in that regard.