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Tbh I’d be more interested in a story trailer than gameplay trailer (but that’s because of leaks),I’m sure levels won’t dissapoint


They keep it very “casual” and dont answer too deep questions like regarding the scoring system.


Yeah, I’m surprised there’s no new trailer coming this month…


Fucking AQUA baby live in Odense!! Barbi Girl mofo!


You sicken me sometimes Mads.


Glad to hear it! Gonna play Aqua for you when you come to Copenhagen :muscle: Also Aqua is just one of the names today. D:A:D is what I’m here for and Suspekt…and Lucas Graham is probably going to be fun.

See ya Later more beer to drink!


“Come for D:A:D… Stay for Aqua”


SKY television is here at my work to make a service about the Lunar Eclipse. But it’s raining outside.
So they just made some shots with the telescope we have, talked about the water found on Mars and now they’re interviewing the Hotel owner.

I saw the cameraman mount the camera like it was a Sniper :star_struck:


Your hotel has a telescope? Thats super cool. :smiley:

Also, raining? Damn you gimme sum


They have and Observatory room or something like that. A huge investment done 2-4 years ago.
The son’s owner is an Astro something scientist and has passion for it.


This sounds like the plot to a hitman mission.



I am actually scared of people like this.

He also posts Rothschilds conspiracy theories. If any of you have twitter and see posts like this

Report the account immediately. This man is just the tip of the iceberg of a festering pit of cunts and nationalists. Some of his tweets go beyond nationalism, where he is almost saying directly that if the right wins, everyone on the left should die. Fuck Twitter for not doing anything about these nationalist conspiracy theorists, by the way.


Twitter has allowed clearly illegal things before. Not surprised they aren’t doing anything about this. I guess it isn’t as bad as Facebook and Whatsapp services, where there are many groups that have all kinds of illegal stuff but no one does anything to fix it. Maybe this is the one of the many reasons their stock hit the ground and losed about a million of users?


Is “stating bullshit” illegal?


Nope. I just refer to some of the stuff that happens in private groups and messages. Illegal stuff that has been reported over and ove but they don’t do anything. Facebook, for example, had lot of closed groups where exchangings of unregistered guns happened in various countries of Latin America, some others were with child pornography, others were with information for blackmailing, etc. My point is that if none of these services is willing to fix their way with heavy stuff, I don’t expect them to do anything for something that isn’t even illegal.


We have a new law in Germany which took effect in January. With it social media has to check reported stuff if it is illegal and then delete it 24hours after it got reported. It sounds good in theory but it is basically privatizated law enforcement because there is no court deciding the cases and you are without the ability to lodge an appeal. And because the possible penalties are quite costly, there might happen overblocking.

I would be sensitive if it comes to force social media to take actions. Not everything is a “clear” crime. And sadly my national and partly european politicians seem to like to punish “unpleasant but legal” things online.


In the cases I told you, it wasn’t until many people were making lots of posts about it in public and denouncing Facebook for being a collaborator in it. Only then, they were in a hurry to remove the groups.

I understand it isn’t their full time responsability to look for crap that is like what Sean shows, but when you have issues that go further from someone posting their hate online and knowing they won’t do actual jackshit about it, I don’t think you have any excuse to ignore it.


It is a bit weird as their “community standards” are arbitrarily anyway, so they could easily delete anything many other people dislike. My complaint is just that state intervention better be well thought out if one is demanding it.


Wel, none of these services can act like if they are some kind of cops but just do their part in cleaning their own site of trash. You can be sure that if you involve the state in this they will try something sneaky but you can’t overlook these illegalities, so work with them like you do with someone you don’t trust. That, or keep pretending everything is fine and hide all under the rug.