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There needs to be a discussion about what is acceptable to post online more often. What he has been posting is not; conspiracy theories can actually damage our society, because some people will believe them. Posting shit like (and this is actually what he said) “when we win, there will be NO MERCY for our opponents” is basically an advert for physical violence against your political opponents. Nationalism is a fucking stain on the earth.


You solve this with education and the principles of the Enlightenment, not with restrictions of what you are allowed to say. Or else:

I want to make something clear: Whatever you put into laws can and will be used by possible right-wing parties who are on the rise now. If you dont want to give them your laws into their hands, your laws are not as good as you might think.


It seems to me that the folks who the harmful rhetoric is not aimed against are okay and trusting of their peers to reject it. If the shoe is on the other foot however I wonder how understanding we are of such inflammatory speech.


You might be right with that but I still have that opinion if I am involved. I would even say emotional involvement is making it harder to find a solution for this matter because the way I feel can be completly different for others.


My band still haven’t found a drummer. We’re all a bit frustrated with the lack of progress, so 3 of us have formed a new band with 2 friends to let off some steam. It’s a horrible, noisy hardcore band that plays music so caustic that we’re unlikely to ever be booked for a gig.


If you haven’t named your new band, I suggest you name it “general news thread 2.0”, “GNT2” or “Genethre deux”. Sounds fitting to me :man_shrugging:t4:


My next door neighbour is a drummer.

You’re welcome to take him. It means I could get some sleep at 3am. :wink:


or @Quinn you could practice at his place? wouldn’t that be swell.


Well I lament anyone who has to live next to where we practice, because we had our first rehearsal today and it was a colossal racket. My ears still hurt.

There’s something liberating about writing music this caustic though. 1 rehearsal, 1 song pretty much written from scratch.


Today I went to a funeral. I was there because she was relative to a friend of mine. It was one of the saddest funerals I saw. Seeing a 5 years old child crying near her mother’s coffin was heartbreaking, even if I didn’t know the dead woman. I cried too and exit the church


Just arrived to Greece.I managed to find wi fi in villa miraculously (because it’s not supposed to work from where my room is according to villa guy) so quite happy about that.
I can’t afford to miss a day on hmf!Now that I think about it I think I haven’t missed a day ever since I joined


A true H fan. Even in vacation he’ll stay connected to us.
Share some pictures! I haven’t seen you in some time.

@Bardachenko That is really sad. Spero ti riprendi.

Regarding about the weapons in my area, literally 9 out of 10 families owns “Porto d’armi”. It’s more common in older people to have them (men), almost every one has a shotgun from when they were “Alpini” but a lot of them go hunting and there are travel agencies who organize tours in Hungary for the Hunting Season.
Remember the shit storm there was on facebook because they killed a bear in Trentino last year? I come from there :smiley:


I might,I deleted all my old pics from gallery anyway


I also do that. But kept some just for.


Which city/town? Beautiful country.


Corfu.Here with my mom because I have no friends but it’s ok place seems interesting


How long you going to be there? If you have the time, definitely check out Santorini and Thessaloniki.


Ahh you have us! What are you doing now? I’m drinking coke and getting bored.


10 days.Or 9 since last day is day of the flight and I suppose it’ll be early in the morning

Nah,I was kidding I have friends :slightly_smiling_face:.They couldn’t go because of some personal plans they had so in the end I decided to go with my mother since she didn’t have anyone to go with either.

I just talked to them on messenger while listening to 20 minute song I downloaded on my phone
I suppose you’re in hotel,right?Just another day of playing with fire extinguishers and golf clubs huh? :grinning:


Always at work during night till mid September.

Right now I’m waiting to get hungry to eat and will watch a movie. I downloaded Old Boy from 2003.
Usually when I get to work I do all the things first that I have to do so the night I’m all free.

When friends ask me what I do at night I explain everything but always add “Honestly, 10 hours that I’m at work 5 of them I’m on facebook” or here on the forum.