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Just look if he puts something in your whisky tomorrow, would be a shame if he is the real 47 :wink:


So yesterday I broke my upper hand, Don’t ask, even I don’t know lol. so we rushed to the hospital. Long story short, a quick surgery later, I found myself with nails in my hand…FOUR, HUGE, METAL NAILS!

Luckily it wasn’t that bad and no cleaning required only some spraying once or twice a day.

It doesn’t even hurt all that bad and I am perfectly fine! :grinning:

Right now I am sitting and carresing Irma, I just need to be really careful with my rihght hand.


Since when do we value and honour the fucking police, lol.


Why? Never had problem with them.


shit you’re a good sport about it. I’d be whining like crazy, breaking bones is my worst fear.


Good morning guys, today I will share even more details about my broken arm, ok?

So it all happened in my apartment, when I slipped somewhere (Idk where, I think I just had slippery socks) and then fell on the ground with my arms first, but unfortunately, my right arm decided:
‘‘Hey, wouldn’t it be a good idea to fuck around and move myself into an uncomfortable position?’’

Then after I was recovering my pain in the ankle I realized that my arm was broken. I felt like the piece of bone that broke off was moving and jumping and doing it’s own thing (which after X-ray it was, it literally went 1.25 cm. down from it’s og position), and it didn’t hurt…it felt…weird. Liike so weird that I felt it moving every step, so I didn’t walk anymore and used a wheelchair kind of weird.

In the hospital we used an usable wheelchair and went to the desk, I was immediately sent to the emergency department X-ray room, then I was waiting for my surgeon, who was the director of the children’s clinic the hospital’s head doctor who also performed surgeries on all sorts of patients. He said it was all ready, and then I went to the surgery. I already started sleeping in the surgery waiting room though, so I didn’t even see the Operating theatre. That being said, i saw a bald doctor with a BARCODE tattoed on his arm after the surgery…:open_mouth::open_mouth:

I had nails in my arm, and I could finally walk which was amazing, and no cleaning rquired, just taking off the bandages and spraying them with some substance. What wasn’t amazing was that it was almost midnight when we came from the hospital, because the surgery ended at 21.00 but we need to wait 3.5 hours to get some ‘‘Surgery evidence papers’’.

All in all it’s all gr8 m8 and they don’t feel weird at all. They will be taken away on August 22nd. I look like a badass metal robot right now! :sunglasses:


Really? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, in Germany there are some really good free weelchairs™ in hospitals, you can take for yourself lol. (They are modern, in usable conditions annd are very clean)


Lol I was wondering why you use a word with “use” in it twice (wait…)


Becuase, some wheeclchairs are broken of course, so I need to pinpoint ‘‘Usable’’ lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well that’s fucking stupid lol.


After 10 days in Greece,it was time to go home.
Belgrade,home.At least it was before I fucked everything up.


What did you do? :hushed:






All you had to do was follow the damn train!


Oooooo. I was a game reference


Does anyone buy comic books? I’m subscribed for the new run of Sonic the Hedgehog comics from IDW from Forbidden Planet in the UK. They are meant to send me new issues by mail, but it seems random when they send them to me.

When issues #1-#4 were published weekly as part of a promotional run, they sent me issues #1 and #2 in the same package just after #2’s release, then 3 weeks later, a week after #4 came out, I got issues #3 and #4. 3 weeks after #5 came out, I got #5. I got #6 just a couple of days after release.

At the moment it has been 2 weeks since #7 came out, and 2 weeks until #8 comes out, and havn’t received #7 yet. Is this kindof thing normal? I do know if you subscribe for 3 or more comic books they are meant to send you them in a monthly package, but according to their website if you are subscribed for just 1 comic book, it is meant to be weekly, presumably on the week the next issue comes out I presume.

Think it is worth sending an e-mail about this or do you think this is just normal?


I’ll say that you should wait a bit more. A bit of delay shouldn’t worry you too much. If in 4 days you haven’t recieved anything, then go ahead and send the email to notify them about your concern.


Did the doctor carry you like this? image