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I manage to stay this much away from the News Thread 2.0.
I might jump in there and say hi sooner or later.


I’ll save you some time: more violence and tragedy occurs every day than any of us can fathom, and somehow the “news” thread is filled with absolutely nothing but political content.


Which is news…


If you like, I can send all the General News Thread posts you’ve missed individually to your e-mail. :wink:


No thank you :rofl: but I’ll come to see what’s up there


I’m curious, does anyone here on this forum play games with each other?


So at work tonight there is a special request for Bagno di Mezzanotte which means midnight bath.
It’s something that is requested rarely and it has a cost of 200 €.
Basically you pay as a couple to have access at the swimming pool at night with a bottle of Champagne, some fruits chopped in a fancy way and some candles to create an atmosphere.

But here is the thing. At the reception my director warned me to pretend that this is first time that I see the girl, because she was here before but with a different partner.
It’s quite a common thing but with men than with women. We have clients that comes first with their families, likes the place and next month they will come again with their lover. Or viceversa, first with the lover and then liked so much the place they want to bring the family. That includes the wife.

Any way, the clients arrive and as requested I pretend that it was the first time I saw that woman so I ask for a document like any other Hotel does.
This lady: I don’t have it
Me: Oh… No problem mam, then we just need your name, date of birth and birth location.

Then she asks specifically for another coworker if he’s here to talk with him. So much for “pretend this is the first time she came here”
She was already checked in, but I had to keep on the play because that’s what I was told to do.
She looks at me very strange, I think some how she knew what I was doing because we saw each other a year earlier. But she looked a bit furious any way. I gave her a paper to write down the requested info and she just writes her name on it.
I behaved normal and just spoke with the man, giving him information about the midnight bath and what he’s going to find.
After I warned the bartender of their arrival the he gave me a lighter to go in the swimming pool to light up the candles.


I need to visit this hotel one day. What is it called?


Won’t tell here. Many people are trolls and you don’t really want prank calls or spam emails.
But I’ll PM you if you ever want to come.
Keep in mind in winter is very expensive. This is a family Hotel, but we are well used with politician clients, VIP (Italian television), series B football players and some Olympic Athletes.

In summer prices are lower because the main attraction is in winter, people come just for skiing.

Example, in full winter season a standard room is 190 € per person, per day with breakfast, dinner and access to the spa. And it’s one of the most common prices around.
Meanwhile in summer for the same services the cheapest room (depending on period) is 80/100 € a day per person, per night.

If you like nature this is the best location in summer.
Oh and forgot. Majority of our clients outside from Italy are Polish.


Good, I’d fit right in :slight_smile:


Bought a new tank for my vape cause my old one was leaking :thinking:


Got my bedrooms temperature to 22,8 degree celsius. Started the day of with over 25,0 degree celsius

22,6 degrre celsius now


That’s hot, we here in Norway just had a super summer, over 40 degree celcius in the sun and over 35 in the shadow, we so far north isn’t used to this and over 20 + celsius when you are trying to sleep is difficult, I don’t have aircondition, neither do many others here in Norway, because for the most time we don’t need it, we have max 3 months with normally 25-30 + celsius, so this summer was a bit too much :sweat: :grinning:.


@Frezzey cries in mountain temperature


That’s what it is just here now in Norway (at soon midnight), so the fall/autumn is on it’s way, it’s late summer here in Norway now and in september starts the fall and winter (with max 25 - celsius :grimacing: here where I live) starts in november and last to april when spring is finally back.


Well in Vejle is there around 14 degree celsius right now (it’s 9:00), and we have some rain in the last days. But we never got 40 degree celsius, only a little over 30 degree celsius.
This Shu-Bi-Dua song fits quite well for the weather this summer in Denmark


A joke I just rememberd, but it doesn’t work in english.
Polen er det længste land i verden, den går helt fra Nordpolen til Sydpolen


Something about Poland…that’s all I got.


It’s a geographic joke, duo to the fact that Poland and the 2 geographic Poles are called “Polen” in danish.


I made a 20 € tip at work offering a coffee to a client and talking about brothels :joy:
Cool sir. He gave me his card with his number on it to call him if I ever go to Umbria region.