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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Learn to drive well because when I’m going to visit you I want you to drive me around with my car in Belgrade while I make selfies publishing them here with “Wish me luck” :sunglasses:

Keep in mind I only know how to say “how are you” and “brother” in serbian. And jabari (frog eaters).


Hahah are you really planning to visit Romania/Serbia?
Would be nice to meet you since we didn’t see each other last year


I have no idea when. You’ll be the first to know.


Odjebi! :smile: just kidding


Got an interview with Greggs on Wednesday morning. Will need to really get myself ready for this. Been a bit short on money lately and definetly need a job. The good thing about this actually is that the store is literally only in the next town, less than a 10 minute drive, so no commute thankfully which would be super convenient.

Only worry is that, again, I have the feeling I got the interview because of working for another food chain, Subway, which ended with me basically being laid off due to not being quick enough. I feel like explaining that will be the hurdle in the interview, as past interviews have asked me why I only worked for them for 4 months.


My advice, just be honest and say it like it is, maybe add that you might work faster when you are familiar with the job and got some training and routine, if you don’t get the job, well sad for them, maybe you are always on time, almost never sick, reliability, that count as well you know, :grinning:.



Didn’t know this is a thing, nice. :slight_smile:


Hey, @EricTheAussie
I just realized that you have recently become active again.

I haven’t seen you in a long ass time! lol it’s really nice to see you again, hope you decide to stick around for a while.

Anyway, just wanted to say what’s up :wave::smiley:


That is very wholesome! Congrats.


Since we know you can lure NPCs from multiple floors to you with an ICA phone or Napoleon, I tested this with a different item and different target.

I live in the second floor above ground. Next to our house’s garden is a park where my cats hang around at daytime. I also was able to lure them home and upstairs by making noise with the tasty food bucket.

So clearly this is an intentional feature in HITMAN, based on experience.


I’m off to a 3 day music festival in the morning. Gonna be camping on site. See ya in a bit


This morning, I was doing some fun experimentation when I heard what sounded like a coin drop from the room I was in, to the next room.

I’m still convinced someone snuck past me when I went to investigate.


Humble Bundle is giving away a game called Orwell.


Did anybody in the UK get confirmation of their university place today? It was A-Level results day today in England.


Kinda late to share this, but you can keep this trick in mind for future festivals


So, a nice weekend just turned quite stressful. Yesterday, late in the night, my old man recieved some menacing calls and text messages on his cellphone demanding to pay 100,000 pesos to some random scumbag who says in case of not paying, “they” will kidnap him or someone of his family. In Mexico, this crap is quite common but here they got both his name and his car right, so this is actually creeping me out. Ended their messages telling him they will be waiting for him on Monday. Still, I think someone from the school he works is responsible of this.


Wtf this is horrible. I could not imagine this to happen here.


These things are quite common. Either to your personal number or to the number of your house. Normally, the answer we got back to these fuckers was the sound of our pump-action shotgun through the phone and that was good enough to stop their calls, but this time they got my dad’s name and the car he drives but as general details. Nothing straight specific.


Is doing menancing calls or threats a “regular” thing you do to make money with or is this only a clan thing?