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It’s regular to make money. Even many low life thugs impersonate and act life if they were part of a Cartel (in the messages from last night, they pretend to act like Los Zetas, the most popular one) to try to persuade you even more. I don’t think a huge conglomerate of drug kingpins has in their best monetary interest something as little as 100,000 pesos from a school teacher. Just another low life wannabe wanting to create fear.


Damn man. Sorry for asking, I assume you are in a wealthy family and your granddad is well known?
Or else I don’t think they’ll try to bribe random people.


We are low middle class. And this isn’t about a some drug lord making treats to us. Apparently is someone from my old man’s school (most likely the little shit that got and apprehension by both my dad and the principal’s assistant, who also got called out, just a couple of days ago).
It’s even more obvious they are pretending because of how childish and incoherent the text messages are. I have seen this cases aswell in my college: a teacher gives a valid disciplinary action to someone who actually deserves it and next day they are making treats.


Didn’t knew you grandpa was a teacher. That actually explains a lot.


In America, we get a lot of scam callers from obviously non-US territories claiming to be the IRS and saying they will show up to your house and either detain or kill you if you don’t pay them in Google Play cards.


Oh god, that’s aweful, what a weekend you have, you have the shotgun? Have you talked to the police or is there no help to get from them?

I thought I had a bad weekend with food poisining, started 6 AM today and still is going on, high fever , trowing up and i’m not myself.
But I guess I can’t complain when i’m reading this.


Already had the phone number denounced to authorities and that’s pretty much what there is to be done unless they show up at my house, wich would have obvious response. Just came back from changing the phone number from my dad’s cellphone. The wannabe thugs didn’t try anything this morning so they most likely gave up.


Hopefully it’s just a sick prank and won’t go any further now you’ve reported it, but keep your guard up just in case, stay safe brother.


As mentioned, most likely the kiddo who got himself into trouble and who thinks can say whatever he wants without consequences. We’ll see on Monday how it goes.


Just telling people you’re hurt them if they don’t give you money works an alarming percentage of the time and for absurd amounts of money.
It’s really a shame, and they tend to prey on either older people or very young people.


Ah yes, the finest of the Google Play cards…


Those IRS Google Play cards are really top notch. :ok_hand:

You’d hope that would be the part of the scam where the story breaks down but most of their targets are of course people who don’t know what a Google Play card is in the first place.

There are variants with Steam and Walmart cards as well. I’ve watched a lot of scambaiting videos to help get better at identifying scam language, phishing campaigns, etc. My favourite is spear phishing but I can only ever get that in first hand accounts, yada yada.

There’s a new scam I’ve learned about, where they go after children playing Fortnite.


Well then they deserve it :joy: jk!


I’m back from 3 days in a field listening to beautiful noises. I’m very sore now but it was worth it.

Without a doubt one of the highlights was Myrkur. Spellbinding performance.


Plus you just in time for all the juicy stuff to be announced at Gamescom


Got a annoying problem with my ipad, so i’m writting on this on my computer. On it does some important functions in Hitmanforum not work, I can’t go back to where I last read on the tread, I can’t reply (I get a 403). So I can’t bloody interact well


That’s an interesting question. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve been experiencing a ringing in my ears sometimes for the past two weeks. It’s very short and then goes away. Anyone know any remedies for this?


Stop being the NPC that people need to throw coins to distract???


Were you listening to something loud recently?