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If you mean full-volume on my headphones, then no.


I have this maybe once a month. I read this is harmless. OR you have lethal brain cancer. Who knows.


You seem to be having problems with your blood pressure. Probably it’s high.


Thanks for all the answers guys. It happens very rarely and it goes on for about 1 and a half minutes maximum.



New for me at least I just had a black out


Got a couple of job interviews in the next couple of days, and honestly, I don’t want to go to either of them. The one tomorrow especially because I know absolutely nothing about what the job actually is. The job was posted by an employment agency, on the behalf of another company, and if I understand, the job is actually about sent to different companies to work for them each week as a sales assistant.

I mean, I know what a sales assistant is, but I have no idea what kind of sales assistant they want for this role, since apparently it involves bouncing from place to place, week to week. Not to mention the company that is hiring has such a bare bones website, filled with lots of meaningless text that means nothing, like “inspiring people to push past their limits” and other such rubbish. I just feel uneasy walking into an interview when I really don’t know what I’m interviewing for, for a company I know nothing about.

Second interview isn’t as bad, but it is for an admin assistant in an office, and honestly, I’m not sure I’m qualified. I know how to use Office and Excel, I’m sure I can work a telephone, but I’m not sure I would be proficient enough for it. At least I know what the job is, and I know what the company actually does.

Still waiting for a response from my Greggs interview from last week. They said it would take a week, and I had the interview on Wednesday, so hopefully any day now. I feel like it is a job I could be good at, although the downside is that it is only for 16 hours a week at minimum wage, and honestly, I need more hours to be able to sustain myself at that rate of pay.


Be careful. Some people think being assistant of anything means you are the errand boy and the yes man who does whatever is told and has to be silent about it.


I finally went ahead and e-mailed them. Turned out they had missed sending me the comics was due to a “clerical error”. They will give me free postage and packing when they sent them to me, so that’s nice.


I hope they go well. One of my best friends is still interviewing because the job market is so great right now (he graduated a year before me with a degree in engineering,) and he had an interview that sounds like your first one. It ended up being a kinda suspicious looking scheme and we looked into the company and decided not to proceed. I’m sure that won’t be the case for you, but since he’s run into a lot of things as such. I think it’s strange.

I wish you lots of good luck; and I hope you end up full time and/or paid enough.


Cheers man. We’ll see where this leads. Hopefully between Greggs still waiting to get back to me, and today and tomorrow’s interviews, one of them leads to a job I hope.


Oh well, At least got a compensation for that. They recognize their mistake and fix it. Others tend to get itchy when you tell them somethign as tame like that.


Travelling to NY with my parents for a once-in-a-life-time holidays!!


Cool! Where are you from?


Finally, Fran. I knew you were from Argentina but never saw your face before.


He’s from Argentina. There’s a thread created by FantumX where he lists many members countries (although some of us may have moved since then).


Awesome, found it! Thank you so much! :smiley:


Hey, guess what?

SURGERY’S DONE! My nails in my hand have finally been removed. (It wasn’t even a surgery since I was awake, and didn’t get anaesthesia but just had to sit there, and watch them get out).

This happened just 2 hours ago and here is a picture of my new hand.

Also that last piece keeps fucking me up, and falling away!


Now I just have some holes covered up in my hand! :grinning:


Hope you have a good recovery ObiBobi18.