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Thanks! Yes I’m from Argentina, and currently enjoying the big city!!


Awesome! I’d love some updates if you feel like it. I’ve never been to NY, but I want to go one day.


I’ve been. It’s pretty crowded. It’s a big city. A lot of people (many homeless as well). Unfortunately they have a pollution problem (lot of cars and trash on streets). But it’s fun.


I’ve heard it’s very similar to my city and that checks out, heh.

I imagine it’s very bright, but I’ve heard mixed things about how late clubs/bars/events are open.


Which city do you live in?

Most places are open for a long time. Some places do not close ever.


Chicago. Things close pretty early here.


Well is the first day I’m here, so no nightlife yet. However have in mind I come from the third world, so I’m amazed at practically everything. Also, I’m watching Billy Joel play at the Madison Square Garden (an idol to me) tonight, so it’s already pretty much unbeatable!


Oh! I didn’t even think about that. It’s probably like, even extra shiny to you? So cool! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I just checked the list and there is no one here from NY apparently, or I’d suggest trying to meet up, maybe. Oh well, it’ll still be epic! Edit: Actually I lied-- “RW_Slick” is from there. I don’t know if that person is still active though.

I hope you have a great time!


Thanks!! Will keep you guys updated!


Most exciting thing happen at work.

A CAT ENTERED IN MY HOTEL :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Really fluffy and small, hair very soft and seems to be some good breed. Once I saw her I went straight to cuddle it. The clients that were around at that hour enjoyed her company and a coworker recognize her from earlier today.
She’s lost for sure because my coworkers told me they played with her 20 km away from here.
I’m now publishing photos on nearby facebook pages leaving my number. As a cat owner I’ll be devastated if my cat would disappear.
She went everywhere, from the reception, to the bar, outside garden and it ain’t leaving.
I have to figure out where to keep it till some one doesn’t call. The hotel owner doesn’t like animals I heard :disappointed_relieved:

This is not 47 but my coworker Martino


I gave her some milk


Don’t overdo it, cats are lactose intolerant. Milk is not very good for them at all.


She was pretty thirsty. I don’t know what else to give her.
She’s very clean so I assume she doesn’t leave the house much. My cat is the same and besides her food she doesn’t like anything else.

I posted on facebook in 3 pages photos with the cat and my number hoping some one is going to call me soon because I can’t keep it in the hotel.
Plus she keeps meowing. For the moment I put her outside on a chair with a cover on it to repair her from the cold. I need to come up with something till some one doesn’t call me. Unfortunately I can’t even find a cat shelter near.

I’m thinking to call a vet and ask if I can leave her there.


This is the cutest thing that has ever happened in a hitman related forum.

{Anyone feel free to disprove this statement with more cuteness.}


Oh wow, you really look a lot like your parents. Definitely can tell you’re related. I tend to see a lot of people that look NOTHING like their parents haha.

But yeah, that’s great man. Hope you all have a good time! :smiley:


Just came back. I am speechless, so many feelings I can’t describe. In many ways. When I get my head around all of this I’ll bore you with my thoughts!


Water would do the trick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Good news, I got the Greggs job. Start next week, hopefully that will go smoothly. It is only 16 hours a week though, so will need to keep looking for part time work that can accomodate it.


UPDATE: cat has returned with its owner. My facebook posts worked and this morning I was called.
But now I kinda miss that kitty.

@silvereye27 Congratulations!!! You ready?


Ha, I hope so. There is a training portion to it, they won’t just throw me into the deep end. And I have done a somewhat similar job before, working for Subway before.


AH! You should have shown me the kitty!!!

That’s good. Some jobs are really terrible at training. I highly doubt that’s one of them but my current one really wasn’t the best, no shade though. I’m super happy for ya! :smiley:

You’ve had the other interviews, yeah?