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Yeah, but for jobs that I won’t be able to do at the same time. I’m going to now have to find an evening or night job ideally. TBH I don’t think I did terribly great at either of the last 2 interviews I did anyway, and I don’t have any prior experience in those fields compared to the Greggs job. I’m basically going to have to search for specific jobs now, rather than basically every entry level job there is.


OK, awesome. I’m glad you have this one and know where you need to go to get the rest of them. :smiley:

@badeaguard I mean like, over video! Assuming the kitty was still around then.


So it’s being a week since those people called my old man and tried to get money from him and aswell scare him with kidnapping and death threats. So far, the week went as usual and each time he went to the school he works I kept a track on him all the way through the cellphone and waited from a call of him until his arrival and telling me his time of exit. Also bought a pepper spray just in case and didn’t use his car to travel but instead taxi or bus. At the end, it was another thug wannabe trying to make profit in the name of organized crime he isn’t part of.

On other stuff, all the staff of my college went on a strike to try to force the director to quit his charge, again. They had a pretty bad timing to to this kind of think (again) when we are just 3 days before resuming activities (I don’t have more classes but gotta do my professional practices at the Microbiology lab) and also have a problem with some of the management in terms of giving graduated people their papers. What a goddamn mess.


That sounds highly suspicious. Did you demand proof like pictures of the cat? Everyone takes pictures of their cat these days. Was the cat responsive to their calls?

If you claim it was a good breed I wouldn’t be surprised if someone took it for breeding and selling.


It’s a place of maybe 1.000 people combine with other villages. People around here are pretty honest.
I didn’t asked, but the guy at the phone told me the cat’s collar has a bell which I didn’t mention in my post.


I just realised that I’ve lost my regular status. It’s just a status, I know, but this shows me how inactive I was/ and still am. I don’t know why I’m so inactive, I just feel so burned out (if you can say it like this in english). I still read everything, though.


It’s really easy to lose your regular status and hard to get it back from my experience.


Mine’s been gone for god knows how long now. I’m probably never getting it back


Started school again last week, however it’s my last year as I’m a senior (12th grade) in High School, so it feels… different I guess? Most of my classes have people I know, but then there’s classes where I know like nobody lmao.

I’m also taking a lot of rigorous classes, so the work load has been heavy so far, despite it being the first week. Hopefully I’ll finish this semester strong!


It’s the last lap. Of course it’s gonna be harder. Focus and try your best to make pals in the classes you don’t know anyone yet. Never know when you are gonna need someone’s help with something.


That’s what I plan to do! Over the first couple days of school, I noticed that in the classes where I barely know anyone, it’s the same people that I don’t know. So, I’m planning to slowly “infiltrate” these new groups that I’ve seen so far, so that I have more friends in the classes where as of now I really don’t have a lot.

It might take awhile, but I’ve done it before.


Don’t take it as a infiltration like if it’s a cult or something. Take it as a chance in the search of potential friendships.


I know, but since I moved here in 2016, most of the friend groups I’ve seen have been set in stone, in a way, because of how everyone here knows each other from like middle or elementary school. I kind of feel like I’m limited because of that, also because I can be really shy when talking to new people.

But I plan on making more friendships before everyone goes on their own for college/post high school.


I actually rate the use of infiltrate. I don’t know why but I just thought of a dialogue option like “Blend in as friend”.

But what I can say from experience is try and find a common interest with some people, and get them to introduce you to their other friends. Best of luck amigo!


mmmmm a female coworker autoinveted herself in my room tomorrow to eat cookies she have.
She’s been smiling at me strange since the begging of he season but I stopped making a move since another coworker from the kitchen started to go out with her.


Bruh, ask her if she’s still with the coworker.


They were for fun like most relations these days.


(US only) Very mysterious.


All you US people please share whatever this was with me


I think it’s happening in 3 days?

But will do.