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So after waiting 6 weeks an 1 day for WB games to reply to a ticket, I have finally gotten a response. Sure not a real one that fixes anything, just an automated one asking if I still need help. Yes WB I still need help, my non working Hitman Sniper Assassin Code haven’t magically fixed itself in the six+ weeks I been waiting.

I can’t wait to play Sniper Assassin when they respond to my mail in 2019. Sorry just venting a bit, but I have never seen such incompetence when it comes to game support.

I’m pretty sure the only reason I even gotten a response from WB, is because I talked to @Clemens_IOI about it, so thank you :slight_smile:

Update: I got a reply to the reply I send them confirming that I still need help. The reply was… reply if you still need help…

I’m ready to give up.


From the newest tweet:

I think they’re just going to announce who’s coming. I’ll keep ya posted, though.

Today: “Do you have what it takes to become an ICA Agent?”



I found out that my cousin’s band got mentioned in Kerrang magazine, and apparently will open for a well known heavy metal band in the future. I’m glad he is doing very well.


Time for another cat! We decided to step up a notch and get a fatter one so now we have 3 cats in here.

Meet Koffi! We got him yesterday, and he is just so cute.

He also shits a lot.


I’m also a cat. Would you adopt me? :crying_cat_face:


A friend of mine has six cats. All wonderful but I don’t know how she can take care of them :grinning:


Your friend is actually a prisoner, she just doesn’t know it yet.


47 has a new friend now


You better watch out, 47 is not very friendly to birds. :wink:




My god, that bird better not make any noise if 47 hears somebody coming down a flight of stairs :scream:


My new Noisecore/Hardcore band is still writing and rehearsing and not quite close to launching yet, but here’s a small snippet of what we sound like (according to a phone in the middle of our rehearsal space)

enjoy your hearing loss


So you and your band did this? Wow! This sounds great and really professional.


Haha, Not the words I would use - But thanks! We’ve only just started this project. Some of us play in another band which is a lot “nicer” sounding and we got restless and wanted to just create some chaos, and thus this racket was born.


You know, Quinn… I must admit, this really does sound great, man. :+1:


Thanks!! And here I was thinking we were making the kind of racket people would just want to turn off immediately :slight_smile:


You can’t always please everybody and when it comes to artistic expression it’s probably best not to.


Totally agree, we’re definitely only doing this for our own gratification at this point. You don’t start a noisecore band because you want to appeal to everyone! If we can play some chaotic live shows and maybe record an EP then i’ll be satisfied.




i have no life i know


Travis is back: