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Welcome back Initiate… I mean, @Travis_IOI.


I miss my weapons :worried: It’s been more than a month now.

My WA2000 is at the airsoft shop and I told the guy if he can keep it a bit longer because I’m not in rush to have it. Mostly even because I need to keep that money for the Silverballer. It’s my main focus and I’m very close to finish it.

My Silverballer instead is still at the villa for the removal of the existing markings and as I knew they are taking some time. Not to mention another month and a half to engrave it after plus polishing some parts.
But tomorrow they should ship the 3D models I made and I’m excited. But I really miss having my weapons laying around my room.

Miss you :cry:


So Xbox Live is really fucking up bad today. I mean I get it, I can’t play games, but it really gets annoying when I’m trying to stream a TV show. It’s like a monkey is flipping a circuit breaker on and off somewhere. Like either stay on, or not work for a while. Don’t cock tease me.

Anyway this isn’t the rant thread, I know but I have a theory on what’s going on. I’m gonna post it here so I can be like “ha! I called it!” when Microsoft finally admits what’s really going on. I think the Russians are hacking. I don’t know why (probably too many reasons to list), but that’s gotta be it!

If I’m wrong I don’t care.


So a few minutes ago I noticed why the drainage pipe of the yard in front of my house was flooded.

There is some blood in the pipe so I assume the poor little critter was already bleeding out from something and chose a bad night (there was a heavy rain last night) to get stuck in there.


They’re making a movie next month in the Hotel I work about a famous Italian cyclist that died in 2004. Marco Pantani.

He use to stay in this hotel many years ago and train in the mountains roads of Dolomiti when he was in his prime. I don’t know much about him but I remember that time when he died it was all you heard on the Italian news, besides the failure of Parmalat (a milk company).

I had to be free in the month of october but seems they need someone at night to guard their equipment and wait for the staff to come back at night after party or something similar.

I’ll dress as 47 that’s a must and I’ll try to make some photos with the equipment at night just for fun :grin:

No one from our staff in the Hotel is going to be in the movie that’s for sure, if not maybe one of the waiters. But I’ll keep with me the tie pin just in case.
For what I understood it’s going to be one of those documentary movie about his life.


Sounds cool. I remember a few years ago the town I live in had Colin Firth come to film a scene for a movie which was interesting, and when I saw the film it was bizarre seeing a building I walk past everyday on the big screen.


One episode of a really shitty TV series was filmed in front of my building.I watched a little bit of it from the balcony (i’m on 6th floor).It was quite interesting seeing all the preparations for filming


I also had Women In black 2 filmed in my village, the main house it was set in is a short walk from my house, film teams and movie crews kept on driving past my house. What is it with films being shot in our area?


It’s an abandoned RAF hospital, supposedly ‘haunted’. It’s quite a grand, yet errie place to look at, especially when the weather isn’t as nice as in the picture.


I have a sore neck today


They did some shots of James Bond Quantum of Solace on the Garda Lake.
They told people the real actor will not be present but only his stuntman. It was all a lie people discovered when the movie came out.
But they did this to avoid that people went bugging him. He stayed in a Hotel in a very small village I grew and people around there get really curious when someone famous comes by. Especially Hollywood level.
I remember one actor died. The one in the truck.

Any way, when the movie came out people around here were a bit angry about the unrealistic fast driving in full traffic jam and not to mention the order of the road he took.
In that time of production the roads where close and people who had to go to work needed to get up really early. While the kids had to take a boat/ship instead of the bus to reach their schools.
I was lucky that in that year I moved to the city and didn’t have to depend on public transportation any more.
But it’s a cool thing to say when I have friends from another country that comes over “Look! We are driving the same road James Bond used to drive in a movie”

I took this road for 7 years every day to go to work.


This is a really interesting video that puts into perspective how some dictators control their populace.



Omfg, the description:

Domestic pets and animals


Well Got a “new” ipad, so I can be active again. So i’ll be more active. So features on Hitmanforum should be Working for me again. But sadly it has auto correct :disappointed:

Edit: fixed some autocorrect mistakes, and Sean no bur was autocorrect, “bur” means cage in danish


This looks more like “drunk” than autocorrect :wink:


Joined a ‘Combat Gym’ last week.

My everything hurts.

Was doing Boxing and Muay Thai which are freaking awesome, then last week I went in and was just practicing skipping rope for an hour and a half and one of the guys said I should try the MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. So I turned up to both tonight and now I’m more bruises and cuts and aches than anything else. Had an awesome time though, can’t wait till Monday where I have an hour each of Boxing, MMA and BJJ.


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! :spider:

Just got it today! Exciting to finally being able to get my hands on it! :smiley:


Spiderman and Rocco are voiced by the same person. Just so you know.


Ok then.


That’s when my birthday is.

Be safe.
But is it real?