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Yuri Lowenthal has always been super popular, it’s not like he’s just some guy they pulled off the street to do Rocco 🤷


Ask this guy if he knows what time my parcel from Amazon is arriving.


I’m trying so hard not to purchase this skirt:


Learn from me. If it’s not for sale…

Contact people to replicate it for you resulting even in a better product :wink:


It IS for sale, that’s my problem. I don’t need a $35 skirt with a duck on it. :sob:

I just really want it.


It seems PC Gamer are big fans of Hitman (2016). They put it 18th on their top 100 PC games, although down 4 places from their 2017 list. Wonder what they’ll think of Hitman 2.

" Phil: This stealth sandbox about a bald assassin features six huge, absurdly detailed maps, each filled with interesting ways to bump off your targets. Hitman’s social stealth systems—where disguises are more important than not being seen—gives you the time to plan, experiment and refine your approach. It’s now the best game in the series."


This has made my day. The first new music of Tom Waits in 2 years and its an anti fascist folk song. Oh, and Marc Ribot is playing guitar on it.


I’m really happy!
At work there was a strong rumor that our director is leaving and at some point it became certain when he went to some staff members to say his goodbye.
I was really worried about this because this is the man who hired me and thought me a job I’m not qualified for.
I don’t know if honestly I’m really sorry that he’s going away because I feel in debt that he gave me this opportunity or because him going away meant my job was at risk. With my experience I’m convinced I can find easily somewhere else but I love the place where I work and it’s routine.

Very uncertain of this situation and wanting to talk face to face to my director I bought today an expensive wine bottle. I forgot to take a picture of it but it had a wooden case, something I specifically picked to impress.
2 years ago exactly on September 7th I met with this man and we made our first interview.
He told many times that he wanted to hire me on sight that day because of the way I presented my self and the way I talked with him but was unsure because I only wanted to work in winter.
So any way I saw him during the day on off duty and gave the present. I said
“Happy anniversary Director”. We hugged and after I told him that I want to have a word before season ends.

Tonight I had the occasion to have that small chat and kill all my curiosityes.
I asked “Do you have something to tell me Director?” and then proceeds to talk about plans for me coming to work in October because of that movie they are shooting here. But that was not what I wanted to hear, so I asked again “Nothing else to tell me besides this?” and again he told me about the other group of Vegan people we have on the 1st of November so very decided I just asked directly “I meant Director, what are you going to do”
And this was his reply “Me? I’m finishing work Sunday and after I’m coming back in October”
But it was still not what I wanted to know so I asked directly “What about winter?”
Well there he told me that he needs to think about it and that he doesn’t know yet.

So now I went with my main preoccupation “And what about me? Do I need to prepare a new CV or I’m good to stay here”
I heard lot’s of nice words that made really happy and put an endless smile on my face.
In my job I will never know the opinion of my boss till I don’t screw up something big time. I think last time I saw the owner of the Hotel was last month and she asked me how was I. And she lives just in part of this place!
Director told me that just today they were talking about me, that the owner is very satisfied and glad with my services, how they struggled to find a night porter and that so far I’m the one that lasted this long (4 seasons) and he told me this line that I’m still thinking over and over again
“You’re like the bricks in this building, you’re fundamental and don’t even think to ask this again. You belong here now and this is your place”
I was so pumped and happy that honestly a small part of me didn’t even care now if he goes away.
As a night porter you get bad looks from your coworkers that you are payed to do nothing. Not entirely true but a part of the job it is like this. In fact I’m typing this directly from work.
You see, the night porter job is more a job of trust. You’re leaving the keys of a 143 room hotel to a kid. If you think of it I’m only 26 and started this job at 18 while all most all night porters I know are people over 50.
Like I said, I really love this place and I want to stay at lest another 8 years to make a total of 10 years working in the same place.
What got me in this Hotel was my 7 years experience in the same place. Or as the manager told me
“From the years you have in the same place we understand that you are serious person who is never going to go away when we need you most in high season”.
In reality I’m just afraid of changes. This place is no different.

So now I know and I am sure to have a steady place as long as I continue to behave like this and I’m super happy.
But let’s face it guys. I just want this job to have a valid excuse to dress up as 47 and make funny gifs and photos :yum:

This is the only picture I have with my Director that is from last year. It was made off season with the hotel closed, we were doing the emails and the phone calls.
One coworker from the reception that was in vacation at that time sends us a photo of him in Brazil at the beach with a beer in his hand.
We send him back this (not what you expect from a Director I know, that’s why I like him)

I owe this man a lot. He taught me a job from absolutely 0 taking a huge risk.
Thanks to him I’m now working almost 11 months a year instead of the 6 months I was doing in the other place and I learned to do a Receptionist job.


Oh, and also Erich Soders and Dr. Octopus.


I’m glad they think you’re as awesome as we do! :smiley:


Big storm hits landfall where I live this Saturday.

God Save The Philippines…


That’s brilliant, good for you man! It says a lot that they have that much faith in you that you are given such a position of trust. I’m not sure that there’s many people who are happy with their jobs (especially those who work in hospitality) and so it’s great that not only do you like it but that your colleagues see you as a valued member of the team. Well done buddy!


TLDR: I’m gonna be a daddy

Yeah, so I have totally turned into one of THOSE guys. I can’t believe I am already gushing.

I’ve been barred from telling anyone I know personally for a while, wife has asked to keep it under wraps. Haven’t even told my mother yet, but I will this weekend. My wife keeps saying “anything can happen in 3 months” She has been taking prenatal meds and is talking about diet and exercise, I can’t help but to grin every time I see her take one of the pills.

Went to the clinic yesterday for the official test, she’s 8 weeks along.

I am excited and proud all ready but haven’t been able to say anything to anyone I know. So I’d figure i’d brag on here for now. Get the early dad brags out the way.

Already got a name picked out for either gender. I have no preference. I just want a healthy kid.

What’s funny is that for two years previously I was living in a apartment owed by a degenerate who is a very litigious businessman that end up trying to sue me for over 3 thousand in “bills”
Of course I am many things but a non paying bum is not one of them.
So for at least 1 year solid we knew we were going to be sued and the stress was disgusting. This baby was unplanned and had it been conceived even even 3 months prior to this very moment I would have been all for abortion-and I am personally against it. I would have been all for abortion because I was too scared of losing in court and being hounded by a money hungry degenerate. If I am really honest I would want to abort in that moment because I would fear what the stress would do.
We won the court case, I showed up in the suit I got married in, and the degenerate showed up in a sweaty t-shirt and cargo shorts.

So while I am stressed, worried about still being broke, the future, health care any number of things about this baby, the fact that I am not in the middle of a law suit ALMOST makes this whole thing seem like a cake walk. I look on the bright side, my mother is close by and has been a nurse longer than I been alive, with a house big enough for the child to have their own room. I am married, and we both have good jobs with health care. So in that way I try not to stress and worry-and just be happy.

I am happy, I am very happy and proud of my wife but sometimes I get so scared I wanna cry, real talk.

Don’t worry gents the future of American soccer has just been secured. World cup in 18+ years

Edit: Sammy boy-don’t say nothing on FB


Don’t worry, buddy. The bear has a closed mouth.
Well, congratulations, my dear buddy :bear::tada:. Seriously, lately there’s a trend with having kids, isn’t it? First my cousin Rocío, then a friend of secondary school and now Dreb is surprising us with the good news!
I’m sure you’ll do great. Already got over many of the tiresome difficulties of the cold world and have lots of close people to help both of you with this. And if you need to talk more in deep, you know the bear can recieve you in his digital caves. Lots of luck and blessings!


You have to be shitting me. That’s awesome


Congratulations on your forthcoming Fatherhood. I am sure it’ll be lovely and give you a new perspective on life. Best Wishes m8



Congratulations, couldn’t be happier for you.


After waiting 10 weeks (64 days) for a reply from WB games support! I finally gained the “instant” access to Hitman: Sniper Assassin. I was so lucky that the first code I received 10 weeks ago and 52 hours after purchase was already used.

Just from this support experience, I hope that IO at some point finds a new publisher and I pray to god that they don’t get purchased by WB.


64 days WTF?

And why IOI not publishing their games?