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They made a deal with WB. Bigger name, bigger exposure. They haven’t bought out the studio and apparently the publishing deal is purely for Hitman 2. We’ll see. Hopefully there are no issues on release otherwise there’s gonna be a lot of pissed off hitman fans, especially if it has taken 10 weeks for @Mads47 to have a pretty simple issue resolved.




I really hope they don’t get their claws in Hitman and IO any longer than is necessary. They’re not a very consumer friendly publisher.


Well, look at it this way: it could be EA


To be honest, WB is just as scummy as EA. Just think back to Batman Arkham Knight scandal for PC. They are both anti consumer and both have terrible track record when it comes to day one DLC and Loot boxes. There are many WB games that still today are full of bugs. Batman Arkham Origins still have many of the same game breaking that was there at release. None of them gives a shit about their consumers.

Sadly EA is the publisher of one my favorit game series, Battlefield.


WB were right at the forefront of the Lootbox shit with EA - EA just took the brunt of the blowback (probably rightly so) but WB were no less shitty.


This kind of whataboutism is simply ridiculous. WB is very shady, greedy and scammy. Just because they don’t have a target painted on their backs like Andrew Wilson does, doesn’t make them better.


Just imagine all of the “good” weapons/equipments are selling with micro transcations.

WB doesn’t gamer-friendly company but it still better than Shit Arts


In no way do I agree with that statement, EA get’s a lot of shit and rightfully so. They are both horrible companies that shits all over their customers, I loath both equally. When WB and EA only shows signs of doing the “right” thing when they get a backlash, but neither of them truly takes the lesson to heart.


Ofcourse, I suppose the question would be how much freedom does IOI have with WB, considering that WB don’t own them but rather are in a contract that has them publish Hitman 2 for a share of the profits. If WB asked IOI to add in microtransactions, could IOI say no?

Mind you, didn’t Absolution basically have microtransactions? They don’t seem to be on Steam anymore, but I remember that game having stuff like outfit and weapons you could buy.


I don’t think you understood that I was joking.


It had deals with editions being bought from Best Buy or Amazon wich included their own set of extra suits and guns exclusively for Contracts mode.


Well sure, I mean that kind of stuff is normal. What I’m talking about is, say WB aren’t happy with the sales numbers, can WB actually force IOI into doing microtransactions, or is IOI able to decline any request like that?


I don’t think we’ll know until release. Likely that is under contract terms of privacy.


Yeah, just pointless speculation really. All we can hope is that Hitman 2 doesn’t go down the path of microtransactions.


I’m leaving for Japan tomorrow and will be gone till October 3. I won’t have any wifi while I’m gone, and I’m hoping it’ll be a good time for me to detox anyways.
A plus of this is fun times and also enjoying time instead of sitting around waiting for November 9 to roll around.
The negative is I won’t be on the forum for a few weeks, meaning I may miss out on a new trailer, and I’ll almost definitely lose my regular status. Alas, it’s been a good run.
Sayonara fellas, and hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time in the onsen at the Gama Private Hospital!


Hope you enjoy Japan, I spent the best two weeks of life in Japan, time of my life. Just stay away from the fugu :grinning:


And bald VIP Patients :rofl:


And those goddamn super ninjas. Yame Yame Yame!!!


Oh man I’ve also been to Japan, twice. So much fun! I really hope you enjoy it. Are you going to get a sim card for your phone @Jacques_Shadow?