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It’s not new, but it’s kinda the Frisian/Danish Atlantis. If you translate it is it quite a interesting piece of history


Anybody watch Dragon Ball Z Abridged? They just concluded the Cell Saga, with the last part of Episode 60 coming out a couple days ago. And the big news is that at the end of the credits, after rumours about Team Four Star retiring from abridging due to legal issues, they confirm that they will be still making episodes.

Great stuff, and speaking of abridging, Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged is just one episode away from finishing adapting the 4th season, with only one season left afterwards. It’s great that these two shows are still going and starting to get near finishing, even if each is still at the very least three years away from that happening.

Not a huge number of abridged shows around anymore after such a boom of them a few years back due to legal issues and how many of them just got retired due to the amount of effort needed to make them. Pokemon 'Bridged is still going but at a very slow pace though.


It’s Fresher’s Week here in Plymouth and my diet for the last two days has been pizza and Guinness. I had to have two vaccinations today and I’m in again for ten tomorrow morning for more induction lectures. I’m sure with the last degree I took I completely skipped this week. Not possible with nursing though.


I found out I’m an INTP person.


I wonder where you found that out. :stuck_out_tongue:


From here



I know, I’m the guy who made the thread with that website linked. :wink:


Says I’m a logistician.


-1! Tonight at 4 am I’m leaving with my mom to visit Schwarzenegger’s house for my birthday.
I should be pumped but I’m not even thinking about it. I’ll get that adrenaline tonight for sure while reaching my destination. It’s going to be a 6hr drive.

In the meantime I’m watching Terminator 1 and 2 with some Whiskey Red Bull. My mom confirmed me that Terminator was indeed the first movie I saw in my life.
Tomorrow I’m going to post a shit storm of photos and I’m going to touch everything Arnold touched in that house :grin:
One part of me is wishing that I’ll find him there some how. But I guess I’ll keep dreaming.


Logic and facts, logic and facts, logic and FACTS!


Fixed some anti feminist graffiti at a club


Graffiti isn’t good.


This one wasn’t, hence why it needed fixing


It’s quite funny but my opinion on vandalism remains the same.


Congratulations, man! Everything is definitely gonna be different now lol but in a good way. I had a daughter (my first kid) not too long ago. She will be 1 this October 5th. Me and my wife named her Alexis.

There have definitely been ups and downs and A LOT of surprises lol (expect to lose a ton of sleep :joy:) but I’m telling you man, when you first hold your child, every thing will slowly start to come in place.

Not trying to scare you, but your life is gonna be turned upside down, and inside out. It’s gonna be a hell of a lot of work but it’s totally worth it. I’m very proud to be a dad, it really is a blessing. You will do fine, I’m sure. You sound like a good man.

Congratulations, again to you and your wife! May your child be happy and healthy :slightly_smiling_face:


Not Diana?I’m dissapointed…


You should see the rest of the place then…


Haha, I actually was thinking Victoria but my wife didn’t really like it… so we compromised. My name is Travis, my wife is Alicia. Our names together are “Alexis” :hugs:


I love names like that. :3


Haha thank you. Yeah I like it, myself :laughing::yum: