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I’m just letting them know that there is room for other games this fall/autumn and winter as well :blush::


Nope, Sean Connery was :smiley:.


I think you mean Shhhhhhhhaun Connery.


Whats new???

This post is new:no_mouth:


Who is David Craig?



Well crap, I even searched just to be sure it was the right name. Well no excuse for it, I don’t know why I keep thinking it’s David instead of Daniel, I think i’m just mixing names up(not like I ever remember people first name when I first meet them)


Hahahahah you actually confused me there and I thought he really is David for a moment.

But yeah,Daniel Craig and Connery are my favorite.I’m gonna choose Craig because Casino Royale is my favorite James Bond movie and he was really great there.There’s something about him that’s different compared to other Bond actors imo.


Jeff Bezos made the biggest mistake in his life. Amazon came to Turkey. But most Turks will abuse the goodwill of the Amazon.

Did they accidentally write the price of a product lower than it’s normal price? Tens of thousands of people will get that product at that price, and if they doesn’t send the product, they’ll spoil Amazon everywhere. People will say “My product is broken” to Amazon, and when company accepts the return request, people will send them replica products.

If you have a friend who knows Turkish, ask him to translate this site to you or use Google Translate (It doesn’t works perfectly). You’ll understand what I mean:

A real story: Horse grooming kits were discounted, none of the buyers had a horse, but they bought it just because it was discounted.


Where is Roger Moore? Did you forget him? :cry:


Aw crap, know what i’ll delete it so I can redo it, but yeah I should’ve remembered him. But somehow I didn’t


What is your favorite James Bond actor V2: Electric Boogaloo

  • Sean Connery
  • George Lazenby
  • Rooger Moore
  • Timothy Dalton
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Daniel Craig

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And no, i’m not taking Barry Nelson and David Niven on it

PS. If I screw something up on this again will I just give up


Don’t worry it looks like you got all the important ones. Except for James Bond Jr. :smile:


I like David Craig, but I prefer Shane Connery and Pace Brosnan.


No love for Jorge Lazenby?


The most I can muster for George is my patriotism as another Australian and for his Aussie determination to become a Bond


Pierce Brosnan was who was Bond when I first started watching them so i’d say he always be my favourite. Goldeneye will always be a favourite of mine.


That’s nothing. My colleague and me have a competition on who can make bezos literally waste money.

Things like getting free postage on 5 dollar items, but the item itself being worth 10-20 to ship.


A fucking tornado hit our city, power went out everywhere the whole city is basically shut down. Pretty wild.


Keep yourself safe, buddy. I hope you have supplies until this calms.