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Please be safe! 󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡


I actually don’t lol and the issue is that my stove is electric, so I may need to rely on my parent’s gas stove or pick up a camping stove from Canadian Tire in the event that it reopens shortly. That is if the power outage even lasts past tomorrow. For now I have enough.

Thanks @Phoenix, I’m fine though I’m concerned that I haven’t heard from a couple friends. I imagine that most people have dead phones due to not bring able to charge them, I’m lucky in that I charged my phone on full earlier today but it will probably die some time tomorrow lol.


This is sad to hear.I was really looking forward to second season of The wolf among us


Telltale shuts down? I thought people loved their games.


There was bad money management in the background :frowning:


Well, it’s official that my semester of professional practices went down the drainage. After a month without classes or any kind of services (including administrative type, wich I needed for my official inscription to my research work), my college along with many others in the country went on a strike for an indefinite period of time.

It started in June when the syndicate wanted to get the Principal of my college, Rogelio García Camacho, accusing him of being corrupt (wich is absolutely true) but many of the ones against him are also the kind of teachers who ask you money to approve you or other favors. In this month, it escalated because the Director of the organization to wich my college belongs along other 120 something institutions, is also being investigated for being corrupt and everyone is going on strike until he resigns.
I’m glad I don’t have classes anymore and now I’m only my work outside but without offical validation of papers, I’m quite in a precarious situation.


Jeez what country do you live in where stuff like that happens. The teachers here in Australia protest their wages not high corruption.


Bearutiful Mexico, AKA, Tacoland.


Ah, I mean no offence but Mexico was high on my list of possibilities, right behind Colombia but ahead of Brazil so. Again I mean no offence to Colombians or Brazilians it is not your fault your politicians are corrupt.

I hope you get along all right in the future, getting into any university and doing well is hard no matter what country you live in.


I was ready to finish but it seems it will be another semester for me to get my title for this alone. Whatever. I have a job right now so no big issue and I’m planning to go for my Master anyway, so lets see how this goes.
And no offence taken. This country keeps condemning itself over and over for it’s shitty communist leaning set of mind. Just in this elections, we got our own Donald Trump who takes power on December 1. Imagine Trump but this time giving praise to Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, etc.


Evan as a left and more socialist person I shudder at that thought, as a sociology student I know that Leninist Communism doesn’t work and that true Marxist Communism is to “blue-sky”.

In fact even people who are inspired by Marx like George Ritzer or Naomi Kline know that it is flawed. It is the equivalent of Freudian psychology or ego-painting, they are relics we study and take from but never imitate.

In fact your situation reminds me of when our university had to axe it’s international relations course, due to budget cuts. There were a lot of lost degrees that day, had to merge it with my history courses.

At least I am grateful Australia does a good job tuning out its Donald Trumps, unfortunately we still have our rotating roster of idiots


For someone who supposedly hates Trump and calls him an idiot, this guy does and says the exact same things. At the step of the letter, even the stupid screw ups but minus the Twitter. One of his promises of his goverment is to give people who don’t work or study a steady income for the simple reason of being Mexicans. No fucking joke. Even if they are healthy and don’t have something serious and valid that stops them from studying or working.
This country also has quite the admiration for Uncle Putin, so yeah.


Well, I might be socialist but I am a meritocratic person by nature. You shouldn’t give hand outs to the abled unless they are truly in an underprivileged area. The most important thing is providing opportunities be it occupational, educational or even communal.

In all fairness I would hate the guy trying to wall of and diplomatically shaft your nation as a scapegoat for automation, profit off-shoring, out-sourcing and non-viable industry support.I mean if I was your president the first thing I would do is bash Trump it would make me look good.

All politicians do is think about themselves, how to hold onto their jobs and make as much money as possible. They don’t work for the people anymore, they hoodwink them, from Capitol Hill to The Lodge, to Brasilia and Mexico City and everywhere in between


I don’t think most politicians ever worked for the people if at all.


True, even back in the Hellenic period the only people who were eligible to run as politicians were rich. But hey at least people like Caesar and Pericles commissioned roads and baths and gave money to the poor, it’ll be more than either of our leaders have done.


Some of the politicians who cared most about the people were from the communist age: Tito


I think that I just lost a very dear friend due solely to me being a bad person. If you have something really good with someone that means a lot to you, maybe think twice about them standing by you through literally anything. They might not.


I don’t know if some of you remember, but in February or March I wrote about a female coworker that was into guns and one day I gave her my Silverballer replica to shot at some cans and she got them all.
Well today I found out she killed her self. Or at least that is the theory.

Apparently for the last months she published on her facebook strange things, I really don’t know what exactly but that’s what other coworkers told me and her mother found her last week dead in her apartment in Moscow.
I’m trying to remember her character and some signs of depression but as far as I can tell she was quite ok.
Always minding her business, always smiling. She was an entertainment staff with the kids in our Hotel and also a translator from Russian to Italian.
I even asked her out to try the Sniper in the woods but at the end we never went out because she never told me when she’s free.

Found it
It brings back some memories.


Wow. I wonder if she had any idea someone thought she was great.
I hope she is at peace now.


A band from my city are making waves right now, and it couldn’t have happened to a lovelier bunch of people. I’m so stoked for them - Number 5 in the UK album charts, sold out national and international tours and now they’re playing on Jools Holland. It is one thing to “make it big” in this weird, fickle industry - And a totally other thing to do so while being unapologetically political.

Of course, any song that’s as noisy, unapologetic and pro-immigration as ‘Danny Nedelko’ is going to rustle some feathers. Stick it on primetime TV, and it’s gonna send the whole chicken coop doolally. “Perhaps the worst sounding noise I’ve ever heard from a band tonight on Jools Holland’s Later – The Idles – Truly appalling,” wrote estate agent Michael Stephen Day on Twitter shortly after having his mind melted out of his bumhole. Another Twitter user summed it up far better: “IDLES performance on Jools Holland having brexit da’s and stone island football lads fumin has made my day.”

This fucking rules