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September 28th and it’s snowing here


September 28th, daylight. The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow, I’m still alive.


Drinking since 20 hours, we ended up in the forest


The president of turkey, Erdogan, is currently in my city to inaugurate the biggest mosque in Germany. My opinion on this thing aside, it is like 1km away and large groups are passing by here, our mayor decided to close all shops in the surroundings, the highways and some trams so he has no trouble do get here and later to leave the city.
I am glad she did not enforced a curfew. Demonstrations are forbidden at the road of the mosque as well. Considering Erdogan is also here because he needs Germany for economical reasons, we surely are making it easy for him.


Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells us, “Europe is jealous of us.” As a Turkish, I don’t think Europe is jealous of us.

I don’t think so because Erdogan says “We don’t need Europe’s support” (Liar, of course we need but he can’t realize that.)


Yeah well I dont think anyone is jealous, but that should be obvious.


Here a map of the city with the closed roads. Erdogan arrives from bottom right to get to the :stop_sign: left of “Köln” in the middle.

WTF is that route?



My dad has a couple holidays so we went to our home and surprised my mom and sister today :smile: The train ride was uncomfy as hell and I got about just an hour of sleep but it was all worth it, mom was very happy to see us and she kept being awake and listened every word of my chatter for a complete hour even though it was 5 in the morning when we arrived and she was very tired and sleepy. My sister got a new job and is very happy once again. We’ll stay here till Wednesday and everyone will be in their officeses while I’ll be sitting here home alone(which I love for some reason) playing games and stuff lol


Hey all I’m back.
Had a great trip except getting a stomach bug in the last few days. I was wondering if I was going to be admitted to Gama at that point. Also feel real fortunate I missed the typhoon by a day. Going to look at the new Columbia footage which I’m loving, then I’ll be around the forums to throw in my two cents tomorrow.
It’s good to be back.


A wonderful evening with my favourite band. My ears are screaming but my heart is singing.


Even through my dear %100 soft hides look like all they do is sleep and eat, they come quite handy when their predator instinct kicks in.

Also the first time I clean blood from their game. The one in the picture is quite aggresive even if she looks tame.

Another silly critter who shouldn’t have come to a cat house.


I got into a row with a “friend” at uni (when is say friend I mean he is a friend of a friend. They were childhood mates, the kind you drag along because you don’t want to excise a part of your life). My normal friend and I both study English at university (we were using our free time to work on a presentation) and decided to bring along the “friend” (an engineering student) since he thought we shared a mutual love of comics.

Everything was dandy until the “friend” mentioned ComicsGate (a pathetic little battle in a “culture war”. A group of paranoiac, apoplectic, self-righteous, demagogic arm-chair critics versus a bunch of either naive and/or well-meaning or creatively jackbooted creators, although there are some ass-holes in this category too) in the mainstream comics industry). I sided with the creators over the “anti-SocJus” ranters, since their actions stunk of hypocrisy and anti-art (FULL DISCRETION: I only know what I know from news sites (not a lot on this topic because it is lowly and pathetic) and the first five minutes of a Diversity & Comics review (I pitied that man)). Also as a student of sociology I know that the internet has up-ened our lives, humanity is in a transitional period and we are still adapting to new opinions and peoples, like the Industrial Revolution or French Revolution

Naturally my friend left out the fact that the “friend” was bull-headed, it lead to the worst type of argument where he screamed at me in circular arguments and I sat there calmly and refuted his opinions and tried to end the argument. He let in a strop, all my friend could say was “sorry, forgot to tell you he can get like that.” He sighed and said “Don’t worry he mostly comes with me to pub crawls, I thought you would…” I cut him off saying “yeah, I think we are not that compatible” and we worked in silence and agreed to get some lunch.

Sorry long post just venting (also trying out a little of my story telling skills for English presentation "can you write a story from the perspective of another, sorry for lying. Also you guys are the few people I speak to outside of my studies, a control group if you will.), don’t want to debate the finer points of picture books. I should also apologise for the archaic words I have used that may confuse you.


The whole ComicsGate thing is awful - Brings back terrible memories of that pathetic GamerGate movement.


Ahh the pop-culture Gates, reminds me of that old saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I guess sometimes what both sides consider good is nebulous, of course I despised people trading favours (any favours monetary or sexual) for good reviews and I also wanted real female characters. The problem is when the black-white demagogues come out to play. In comics, I want better representation for people of all walks of life.


The problem with a black-and-white view is that not everything in life is black-and-white


Especially when we talk about art which is subjective and especially in comics where a writer is usually moving on to another project . It was like the Stuckists (artist who loathed contemporary art and replicated traditional styles) and Contemporary artists. Ironically Tracey Emin (a known Contemporary artist) loved the man who started the Stuckist movement naming after a spat hey had


Yeah and then the entire thing falls apart when you realize the whole genesis for Gamergate was based on a lie - Since it was this whacky, wide ranging conspiracy theory that a female game developer was having a relationship with a Kotaku writer who in turn wrote favourable things about her game (basically a simple search of the site proves he only ever mentioned her once by name in a neutral context, and this prior to any alleged relationship).

Gamergate was a misogynistic hate movement that managed to convince a smaller subgroup of people that it wasn’t, at least for a while.


Really, I never cared enough to get the whole facts (although I still want to have fair reviews, I don’t care if it is Kotaku, IGN or Giant Bomb, who fucked who or whether there was any fucking at all, the impetus does not matter only the principles and results). I am generally neutral in all this cultural political shit. I am just fucking numbed to it, just ban Twitter and start from there.


I actually really relate to this one. I’m at Uni myself and a friend of a real tight high school friend and I got into a massive fight over an earlier incident. Since it was in front of our friend group, it somewhat fractured the group a bit, with a few guys siding with me, and others aligning closer to him. The friend of that guy, my close mate didn’t give me a whole lot of support, but didn’t give him any either. Sort of harmed the closeness of our friendship.

I hope it all goes well mate. You’re the Aussie as well from memory?


One of them, there is literally a guy called @EricTheAussie. Yes, Adelaidian born and raised, Milduran parents. I never knew the ancillary “friend”, my friend and I managed to get along fine, his sigh seemed to be that there it goes again. I might have overblown and morphed some details as well, since I can be histrionic and I get angry and obsessive. I tend to exaggerate stories and anecdotes as a form of venting (I find writing and engaging in my creativity to be very relaxing). But almost all of what is up there is true, I might have overblown the nature of the argument and I clearly show bias to one side of the comics debate. Truth be told we argued about a lot more than the stupid comic debate, I only made a big show of that because it has been an obsession of mind (oh shit did I mention I am OCD!)