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Hey sorry dude, I’m not really Australian :frowning:

I just put it in my name cos I thought it sounded nice.

Sorry for any confusion friend, or as we say here in Espaniola land, “amigo”.


Yeah you live at Joe_Clarence75’s Grave,right?


Oh I thought you would have been Austrian instead, what a wear thing to attach to your name


Yup: born, bred and proud.

Ummm porfavor, muchacho?! That was uncalled for, pendejo. Ya don’t see me insulting the “888” in your username. Mucho garcias.


Sorry man I have heard the term Aussie so much, I associate it with Australia. Sorry is I insulted you. I love Spain, got an uncle that lives there. Also '98 is my birth year


Like we say in Tacoland: te estás pasando de verdolaga, wey.


Ah yes, of course. What a perfect phrase from our native tongue to sum up this controversy. Sacre bleu, my fellow amigo.


No seas mamón, güey. Una persona que sabe español no confunde “mucho garcia” con “muchas gracias”.


Thanks for the compliment hombre :smiley:


Fuck iPhone batteries


In Loving Memory


Flu season has arrived where I am, and everyone is getting a bad cold, including me. Not feeling great. Wound up throwing my dinner last night, feel better today. Don’t want to go to work but gotta. Trying to impress the manager, I get the feeling she doesn’t think I’m very good at the job at the moment so trying my best to make up for it so I can pass my probation period.

I must admit, the thing I am looking forward to right now is the Doctor Who Series 11 premiere on Sunday 7th. It really does feel like Doctor Who is going to enter a completely different era. Hopefully it will be a good one.


I’m sooooo behind on Who. AHHH!

The universe keeps reminding me. I really have to just suck it up and catch up.


Seems you have lots of stuff in your nads right now. Working good and hard for making neat impressions, a hobbie getting a nice update and battling germs and diseases. Get a nice reserve of medicines and don’t forget too drink lots of water and get some suplements with Vitamin C.


To be honest, when it comes to Who, you don’t really need to watch all of it. For all intents and purposes you could watch the Matt Smith era without having seen any of Tennant’s era. The Whittaker era will have a new showrunner, a bunch of new writers, a new composer, new cast, no returning bad guys or allies (allegedly). You could probably watch Series 11 without catching up on anything I reckon.

I mean it isn’t too hard. Really the job is just memorising lots of little things and being generally quick. I just want to be able to pass my probation period so I can keep the job. Yeah, taking some Day Nurse at the moment, that is helping.


I’m two years behind. It’s not crazy, but it’s still a lot. I’m paranoid because there’s a Who event I attend every year and it’s in a month and I am not ready by any means.


I must admit, not a big fan of the Moffat era so can’t say I’m a huge fan of the last few years. Series 10 has its moments though, 12, Bill and Nardole are a fun TARDIS team.


Yeeeeeaaah, Moffat is why I stopped…Another reason I need to suck it up and get back into it.
I haven’t seen Bill yet, and of course everyone is like ‘WHAT’! I’m sure I’ll love her.

I joined up for New Who (I’ve watched a lot of classic, since) so I loved me some RTDavies and then Moffat showed up with his…Moffatness.
I know some of the people on set (I’m sure that’s probably a lot more normal outside of America), which only makes me hate him more tbh.

But it would weird me out to just skip a bunch, so I know I need to just power through the end of Moffat, the struggle is so real though.


Tell me about it. I don’t hate the guy but he acts like a complete arse, and it comes across in his writing. Alot of his tropes I got very tired of. Series 10 is better than 9, but it also has a sense of fatigue about it. The Series 10 finale is actually pretty good, but it also has a bingo card of all of Moffat’s tropes in it.

Bill is good, half of the reason being Pearl Mackie being likable. It felt like the writers and Moffat especially were quite proud of her being a lesbian, but half the time she brings it up, its done in a very clunky manner, especially in Moffats stories. Actually, I think Bill is the most unnatural in Moffats stories because I don’t think he is good at writing working class dialogue. It feels like a middle class man’s attempt at what he thinks a working class woman would sound like, if you get my meaning.

Honestly, half the reason I’m looking forward to Series 11 is just the fact it really is so new. This will be the freshest the show has been since Eccleston. I’d love to be a bit more into the franchise again. I watch Classic Who too, I own about 80% of the DVDs, and have only just started watching Classic Who again after 3 years because I feel genuine excitement for the show again. I’d love to have the enthusiasm to go out and finish my Classic Who collection.


The truest statement ever made about Moffat.

That is interesting though. I’ll definitely try to catch up when I’m back home after this weekend, since I have to anyway to know what anyone is talking about.

I hope your job/personal life balance improves. <3