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Thank you. I definetly think you should give Series 11 a watch when it begins though, it wouldn’t surprise me if spoilers for that erupt over the internet.


Apparently calling someone a cunt on Twitter is UNACCEPTABLE, but being a Nazi is perfectly fine.


This is Jack’s world, we just live in it.


Don’t expect much from platforms that get a lot of their relevance from the worst kind of stuff around, specially when they are not only known from ignoring people who obviosuly are a serious problem, but also reporting illegal activities for them to just ignore them aswell.


No thought can be rationally expressed or well-formulated in 140 characters, Hell I know people who could have half-hour or four thousand words to express an argument and still look like an uniformed and raving nutter


I guess you could say Twitter it’s Hell on Web, 'cause that place is always between the flames. About the number of characters, Facebook allows more and doesn’t makes to much of a difference in quality of a comment for the most time.


Facebook’s biggest problem is not it’s character limit it is the fact that the “friends only” gimmick it has creates an echo chamber. Only you and others who share your views will find you.


I’ve lost my regular title :disappointed_relieved:

Well, I can’t say I’m not deserved that.

Edit: I found a bug now, I’m not a regular now but nobody deleted my regular title :rofl:


I think something is wrong with your web browser :joy::


I lost mine about 6 months ago and it never came back. Pretty sure it never will at this rate.


Also I can’t access to Lounge


i’ve read he said “The USA have their Dollar, but we have Allah“. This Idiot shouldnt lead a Country.


Tell that to %52 of Turkey, we’re told them but they’re not listening us :rofl::rofl:


he also got a lot of Votes from Turkish People living in Germany - they voted for this Idiot to rule a Country they dont want to live in.


They’re have benefits from him, 1€≈7 TRY so if they’re come to Turkey they can go to luxury hotels without thinking about money.


It seems that my Hitman Absolution avatar on the ps4 disappeared.
I had the tie pin as avatar but now it’s gone. I had it since 2013 :rage:

Never mind. I manage to put it back.
Oh so cool. I can now add a third language :hushed:


(Continuing conversation about Regular title) I attained it once but lost it about two weeks later. Does it come down to how often you visit the forum, how much you contribute, or both?


@Jarbinger @Watson or @Kent can answer that I guess


Yes, it’s all those factors, including many others. I’ve sent you a PM.


After 6 months of auditions, My band finally has a new drummer.

He’s very good. I am happy.