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A hired Gun, who gets the Job done? :grin:


Represented by an agency.A small one, you haven’t heard of them. :grinning:


Nah, definitely not a hired gun! He actually moved to the UK from elsewhere in Europe a few months ago purely to play music, since he says there wasn’t enough opportunity there. He’s very dedicated and I’m glad we’ve got him on board.


i was just referencing Club 27 from Hitman 2016. But good for you Mate :slight_smile:


Yeah I remember that scene. :slight_smile:


This comment definitely deserves a lot more love. A good call and one which fits in with the context


May I add you on PS4? :slight_smile:


Of course you can. And also every one of you outhere who has account if you wish you can add me.


If you have Sniper Assassin and you ever want to coop (this goes for anyone) I’m Shadowninjaman on PS4. Won’t be super active this upcoming month but when Hitman 2 drops… well… that will be a different story.



From Codename 47, reading every mission information and target information, watching all the cutscenes and playing it right.


Ran the local 10K today! Aimed for under an hour and I came in at 50 minutes and 9 seconds! All my friends kicked my ass, but my excuse is that I have a few years on them. Also gives me something to improve on. Got a medal and a t-shirt too which was cool.


Nice, man! Congrats. Have you run any half marathons before? I can’t even run 20 seconds for the bus without feeling as though I’m about to have a heart attack haha. My cardio needs work.


10k like 10 km? In 50 minutes? That’s pretty fast. Congrats!


I’m signing up for the half marathon in May of next year, so I’ve got something to work towards now! Never ran one before. Compared to a lot of 10k and half marathon races Plymouth is pretty flat so I’ve chosen a good city to run in!

@badeaguard Yup 10km, so that’s 6.2 miles! I’m not quite at 47’s level yet. A friend of mine ran it in 38 minutes which I am gobsmacked at! First across the line ran it in 32 minutes on the dot.


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:open_mouth: that is really fast. At least now I have a better ambition to follow than 47’s record on trailer.


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I got engaged last night!


Congrats! :partying_face: