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I’ll try stop to play videogames for some time. I’m writing a book. I’ve been doing it from six years, but I never finished. Now I want to use my free time to complete this project. I don’t want to leave it uncomplete.
Obviously HITMAN 2 is an exception. I will play it on november 9th


Good Luck!


What is book going to be about?


I’m finally getting A PC!!! After waiting for 3 huge years!! The three years were for waiting for my dad’s company to give him one but dad just said let’s get one today(as there’s big sale everywhere too). My build will be -
GPU - Gigabyte Aorus AMD RX 580 8GB
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600
A curved 1080p freesync monitor
I’m still researching for the best motherboard and cooler(and other stuff). I still an’t believe this is happening :blush::grinning:


It’s about political changes in cities government, starting from my town. I studied this argument when I graduated, six years ago. Professor suggested me to keep working on this argument for a book. But work, other commitments and hobbies made me stop


Ah well. Looks like I’m not getting it. Apparently my dad thinks I’ll leave it quickly and it’ll gather dust and I’m having second thoughts about spending so much money of my parent’s too. Rip


rip, you seemed excited about it. just make sure to make good decisions, whatever they may be


Yup thanks a lot


Yup, a bomb threat in a city that is only a 30 minute bike ride away.

This was really quite scary, nothing like this has ever happened in this area before and I sometimes get on the bus that the ‘mysterious package’ was found on. Massive props to the driver that found the package.


I feel very tired. I’m trying my best at this job, but my manager just isn’t impressed with me. She keeps telling me how I’m letting the staff down, that my efficiency is too low, that if it wasn’t for the extra support the shop would be up a creek without a paddle. I think I could lose the job by the end of the probation period in 6 weeks, or even as soon as the end of next week when my review comes out.

I think I’m going to update my CV and start applying for jobs again. Hopefully the fact I am currently employed right now will make me more attractive to employers. Its my own fault but I don’t have any credentials or a degree. I’m just stuck to entry level stuff, and alot of it just doesn’t suit me. I’m not terribly fast or physical, which is what alot of them want. I’d love to work in an office, even if it was just something like a secretary or something along those lines, I think I could that.

I honestly just feel tired though. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow knowing that I’ll be reprimanded for a dozen things I didn’t do correctly or quickly enough. I just want to stay in bed in the morning, but I need to do the work.

I think if my mom was still alive, she would think I was a failure. I don’t know what I’m doing with myself. Everything seems so daunting. I spend so much time alone, trying to avoid my own thoughts because I keep reminding myself of everything I have failed at the past. I have friends but they are always so busy I only see them once every 1-2 months. I wish making friends was an easier thing to do. I don’t know what a relationship is like. I try not to think about it.

I think I’m going to go to bed. I’m just rambling. I just need to vent a bit. I find it difficult to be angry, I just feel so apathetic.


No offence, but your manager seems like a bit of a bitch. Motivating someone to be a better worker shouldn’t include telling them they’re a shit worker. In what way is she telling these things to you? What tone of voice is she using?




Thanks! :grin:

My fiancée and me from the other night…


I saw this on Facebook during the evening if I’m not mistaken but you were the one tagged for the pic.


Being the little piece of shit I am I did a lot of drama(like not taking to dad for some time) which seemed to actually work(I wasn’t doing this intentionally though I swear). Dad told me if there’s something I absolutely need he’ll buy it no problem and there’s no problem about money currently either. Then he told me he would buy it but I won’t leave it immediately like I did with my electric guitar(which believe it or not I begged dad to buy me one do that I could play the starting guitar part of boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day rofl) and also not absorbed in it all the time. I said OK and luck was on my side as I found an amazing deal too(RX 580 + Ryzen 7 1600 + Asus Strix x470 Pro bundeled at a great price). Dad bought it but was very sad and upon my asking he screamed at then said he dosen’t like spending money in such a huge amount. But he’s all fine today :smiley:. We’re not going to tell mom or my sister though as they’ll kill my dad there and then for spending so much money :joy:


“Because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

The Dark Knight, Alfred. (Nolan’s film)

I’m noticed I want to become a man like Joker. Joker is successful version of me.


You want to blow up hospitals, maim prosecutors and assassinate police chiefs?


She isn’t that bad. She’s just very negative in general, I don’t think she means to be nasty in anyway, but it does make coming into work feel like a chore when I know that sooner or later I will be criticised. In retail, customers can be very draining on you, so I feel like it can be worse when the staff you are with don’t feel supportive.

Anyway, I feel better today. I feel very low when I feel tired, but I feel a bit more relaxed today, and having some Nutella on toast.

Currently trying to think of a new forum game, I’d really love to come up with something that could last for a while on here and would be attractive to many users.


Yes? I just want to watch the world burn


Well. They called me at work (again) for 2 weeks because there are too many requests arriving.
Which for once I really didn’t want to work because Wednesday I have a date. But I made my self very clear that from 8 of November I’m away because reasons. You folks here know exactly what :wink:

About this date. I’m seeing a woman. Older than me. This is one huge desire I have since god knows when.
But… She has a 7 years old daughter. Funny thing is that I was joking with friends that at this point I might as well find some one with a kid big enough so I pass all the diaper changing and crying period.
And here she is. But nothing is set. We have to go out and see if there is any connection.
This girl is what I like, responsible, hardworking and finally someone who can cook. So if this works she’ll have 2 kids to take care of :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I am happy from one part. But for some reason all I can think is that the cost for going out now becomes x3.
Stupid tough I know. But from one side I have an excuse to buy toys and play with someone with out looking dumb. I hope this kid is into Avengers because I saw some cool toys.

By the way, this is an article about the movie they are shooting where I work. It’s in Italian.