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I took the day off from work today thinking I could play Hitman 2, but it doesn’t release until 6pm GMT on Steam. And now I have been called into work for 5pm for a show. Joy!!

So i’m spending Hitman release day playing Rainbow Six Siege :frowning:


It’s fixed now! WiFi connection is very poor(apart from being slow in general) but I downloaded the Steam Client yesterday eventing so now I can play HITMAN 2 but offline BABEEE!!!


I discovered something amazing today and wanted to share, I burst out laughing as soon as I saw it. Yes this is a real product that is for sale.


Ever notice how “The Constant” is an anagram for “Can’t Hose TNT”?


I’ve got an interesting day tomorrow. At 2pm, I have to go to a meeting with the area manager for my shop about my probation period. Basically, I think it is going to boil down to them letting me go as my probation period ends on Wednesday. I’ve been trying my best at the job but it isn’t working out, and I have the feeling this is going to wind up being a polite way of telling me to leave. They are even having the meeting in a different shop from the one I work at.

I’ve known that this might happen for a while now, so I’ve been applying for other jobs. I actually have an interview for a pizza delivery driver tomorrow at 4pm. I actually feel a little hopeful for this one, I only applied for it last night and got a call about it this morning. It sounded like the guy was a bit eager for a new driver to start as soon as possible, maybe they’re understaffed or something?

Going to be interesting I guess. I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m going to lose the job, it’s just I need to try and find a new one as soon as possible.


Man thats rough, it always sucks when you try your best and still it doesn’t work out. Reminds me of a time I worked at a Subway and the manager was so overbearing that despite hiring me with no previous knowledge of how things worked, “I didn’t pick it up fast enough.” Despite only working there for a week and a half, it really bothered me because I thought that despite everything I was doing my best.
Good luck to you though! It will work out one way or another my dude!


I started visiting this dating site about a week ago.I made an account and put some good pics.So far I had about 7 or 8 matches with girls but none of it worked out because all of the girls just wanted to “chat cus they’re bored” but not really since they’d enter an app once in three days and not respond;which is fine of course,no one is obligated to talk with a random stranger.However it just felt a little pointless,making an account and all that.For ex. I found this girl I matched with but after her agreeing that we should meet and me asking if its okay in thursday or friday she just left me on seen.

But nonetheless,I’m glad I became active and decided to try something new instead of waiting for things to happen.Even if nothing does,I feel good about taking the chances I do have,I got a bunch of free time atm.
My life right now is pretty much just my college/faculty I don’t much care about (it was my choice though so I can’t complain) ,going to gym regularly and hanging out with my friends about twice a month since we live far away.But I’m not complaining,I feel better than ever and can’t remember last time I was sad or depressed which is a huge change compared to my lonely and miserable self from two years ago.
I have a list of movies and tv shows I want to watch since next year I plan on trying movie college/faculty since it’s something I really care about much more than law that I’m studying atm.
So that’s that,a small life update in style of @badeaguard :slight_smile:


I’ve heard that this is just as bad as it looks, and ngl I kinda want to play it. At the same time, I don’t want to give them any money for this travesty.


Ain’t this the best way to live or what? :grin:

The fact that you get 8 matches is something. I had tinder and I got a match once in a while and when speaking I had the same problem.


IO-I will have a go on the first ET in Hitman 2:

Tune in here at 2 PM CET if you wan’t to watch it:



This was an awesome and funny stream by IOI

@mendietinha has been challenged by Clemens for Ghost Mode next week PogChamp
Would be great that to see that match!


It sure was, an epic first time fail :joy: and almost didn’t get away with the second try either :joy:.

Mostly playing the ET, I didn’t notice any question or answers, correct me if I’m wrong guys :smiley:.


Did they answer some questions or just playing the ET?


subtitles or riot ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

Edit: Sadly it’s on itunes : /


New PC, bought it for 7777dkk .
Old one updated so slow that a small update took 20 minutes to update, and froze when I played Team Fortress 2. To had problems with going into TF2 next last time I played on it.

Still 6 years old before I actually bought a NEW Computer


Was your old one bad already when you got it?
Mine is getting 6 as well and besides falling a bit behind in games it is top notch.


To be honest I bought my old one from my brother, so I think I’ve had it in 3 years I think, that is why I had “new” in capslock


Where is the link to this?

Edit: Never mind, I just saw that it was on iTunes.


Cranking out a couple of designs for a local football club, although my lack of artistry is seriously showing! The deadline is tomorrow at midnight and the chosen kit will be actually put into production, so quite a bit of pressure on me.

If anything can make these designs a little more presentable (looking more professional for one), do let me know. Will genuinely feel sorry for the team if the shirt with the goat hooves all over is chosen;


Which football: “real” football, Aussie Rules or Yank football?

Also yeah tone down the number of goat hooves. Otherwise it is not bad.