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Maybe choose something that represents the area of the club? Idk, the one with the stripes looks good.


Association football would be the politically correct term I suppose. Soccer to the North Americans and our upside down friends.

@SeanBernowicz design brief was ‘something with goats’, so wasn’t much I could do! :rofl:


I guess that is the sort of thinking that makes me wonder how football became the world’s most popular sport.


Colonialism :smiley:



You could put a lil crest near the shoulder with a goat head on it.


Well we have our own version and at least here Down Under we have the decency to never end in a tie AND we hurt each other.

I would say poverty conditions and easyness of rules is to blame


I toyed with that idea myself, but Kappa aren’t able to produce bespoke sleeves. Have to be single colour :confused:

@Accidental-kills98 is bang on the money once more, good lad. Low entry requirements and a mild learning curve. On an unrelated note, I wish this site allowed you mute/ignore users.

Far Cry New Dawn

Well I meant that you should put it on the chest as close to the sleeve as possible, but not on the sleeve


Damn right unrelated note, I am really delightful. Odd you would want a mute function most people on this site are good people.

Also where do you live you might be able to convince the team to pick another motif


New Escalation Mission


Cleaned things up a little, what do you guys think? I’m quite proud of the sash, myself.


Do you know where you can actually find a machete for it?


It is wedged into a tree near the starting position.


I would change the lines on the second one. And maybe add some green to socks as well.


When people are playing Christmas music and it’s not even December



Tomorrow December starts and you remind me I better look for a more festive profile pic.


It is December where I am, but we have already had our Christmas pageant.:thinking:


Nothing wrong with having another pageant. You could at least put a Santa hat on top your A.


Already tired of Last Christmas, was played way to much in class. Will likely listen to older christmas songs (that isn’t Last Christmas)


If you’ll allow me, please let me point you to the best Christmas song ever made. I listened to it in August as well.