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Sent in the kit, which is now eligible for shortlisting. If you like it and want to help me out, please consider giving it a Like and retweet if you have Twitter!



I hope @Accidental-kills98 helped you. I played the escalation a little bit different. I took my own machete which I unlocked, because I couldn’t find it for some reason, though I’ve often seen the machete.


And now it is, so we can only whine about christmas songs that are played to much, overrated, bad or other things


Today I’m going to become a man! My gym instructor is taking me to shoot real weapons in 4 hours from now :heart_eyes:


Ahhhhh we got shortlisted, but we are losing the vote! Please consider helping me out by voting for Kit #14 in this Twitter poll, it’s the shirt I designed and posted previously! It would be much appreciated!



Ok I voted for you, but seriously how is kit 15 beating you? That one is bland af


That lack of imagination is why they lost the British Empire. Also yay another avatar, is that Ed Norton?


The now late but forever great Alan Rickman.


Damn you are right, Ed Norton was not my first choice either. I was originally going to say Tom Green since Sean lives in Canada but I thought that would be insulting to Sean, Canada, comedy in general and whoever the real person was.


I’m on the verge of submitting a loan application so I can buy thousands of pounds worth of Microphones. Halp


OK, your idea is stupid and you might bankrupt yourself. Just shout REALLY loud and that will do fine.


Nah that’s not really a risk. It’s not going to cost that much more than a new gaming PC would or something, but since it’ll be for work I can get an interest free loan and a bulk discount. Probably less risk doing it this way than fronting the money myself.


Why would you shot at weapons? I mean it’ll ruin them by being shot at :wink:


Did you take photographs?


Sorry, english not my native language.

@MadMax yup. It’s in the forum gallery but you don’t see the weapon. They were very strict in there about taking pictures or handle the gun outside the firing range.

I have decided to give away my M4 airsoft with batteries, battery charger and a rifle case to the shop that is making my WA2000 more powerful.
By doing so it will decrease the final cost and I will empty some space at home.
I bought this one in 2012 with some friends to play airsoft. But we ended up only playing 5 times maybe and that was it.


I’m quite liking my Post/Heart ratio, even if it’s slightly Satanic at the moment.


Here you go! Now you have 667.


Damn you, my Satanist plans foiled again! Time to aim for 6666, I’m nothing if not ambitious


And don’t forget trying to butthurt people over facebook on news pages. :smile: My best hobby so far.
Feminist are easily triggered or women in general. But my favorite are religious people.
They believe so much in god and are so religious that they wish you eternal torture in hell. I love those people.

I once made a joke about size and a woman told me on a comment that it’s thanks to men like me that there are so many rape cases.

Another funny way to pass time is on Romanian news pages when there are some articles on gays.
It’s a mix of trolling because they bring religion into it.
I once made a comment on an article about a priest who painted a house for orphans with the Romanian flag. It looked very ugly and I wanted to share my opinion. A mister there called me an Hungarian.
I think it was meant to insult me.
I know romanians and hungarians don’t go very along for historian things.

Defend Trump when ever there is a news about him. You get offended a lot but in return you also get people that supports him on your side and they start insulting each other under the comment you made.

But who are the most butthurt of them all are the Star Wars fan… Man what a show.


I’ve always found it amusing how much believers cherry-pick texts like the Bible. You can find those that base their homophobia off of “God’s Word”, but I doubt you’d be able to find a single one who owned a slave or had their unruly children stoned by the men of the city, despite God’s Word explicitly allowing and commanding them respectively.