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Did you know that the Last Jedi was the one who killed Nicole Brown-Simpson, shot JFK, oversaw the Holocaust, rapes household pets, causes global warming and could have cured cancer? Oh yeah it also sucks.

Sincerely Star Wars fans over the year. (seriously it has been nearly a year)


I spent my first night in airport after losing flight from Munich to Bari. I felt like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. All the airport was mine, almost desert :grin:


Does anyone know where @ObiBobi18 has gone? She used to be very active and she’s just disappeared.


Yeah,I was wondering the same thing.
I noticed @Supernova is gone too,I hope they both come back


Given where Supernova lives, it might became though to keep online. Fingers crossed all is well with the two!


So at work arrived the Guardia di Finanza. It’s a sort of financial police. Kinda strange they are here but ok.
They are rounding up all staffs and asking question about their work, how many hours they work, what we don’t like about the place, if we have seen anything irregular and things like that.
They’re even checking our cars to see if they are right or in place with insurance or if they belong to the owner.

One of these officers was found on one floor and when questioned by a staff what he’s doing there he just said that “I got lost” but in the meanwhile was trying to open doors and ask about the environment and why does the Hotel makes us pay to use the staff’s washing machine.

I’m waiting in my room now for my turn. Director will call me in a bit. Very strange this procedure.
Normally they don’t do routine checks if there wasn’t a complain.


@Mnemosyne and @immadummee47 as well


Tell them everything you know. They will put you in a witness protection programme. Nothing can go wrong after that.


Unless the bald man arrives


Is Spain seriously that bad to live in Urben? Or is it because he is from Venezuela?


Because Venezuela. 20


Ohhh ho! There are some really good jokes about Italy’s GDP I can make off of this.:smiling_imp:


Now is a good time to jump out of the closet dressed as 47. Go ahead you’ll be fine.


They didn’t called me at the end. Director told me they had a list of 10 people to call and but they left at 3.

The owner of the hotel will find me and even 47 himself can’t protect me from her :smiley: But as far as I know nothing unusual to hide in the hotel besides that I don’t have free days. But it was my chiose for more €.


I have been struggling with psychological anxiety for the past few months.

I have had it terribly in late 2015 / early 2016 & had seen a psychologist for it, which for the most part resolved it as well as taking some time to heal. Recently this time around it has gotten to a point where I am now also dealing with depression & psychosis alongside my anxiety.

I’m only really finding that alcohol or diazepam from my GP is my only relief from the absolute mental prison that anxiety has become for me. Both of these as far as I know are extremely unhealthy in large amounts and I’m worried about addiction as a result of my reliance on these.

I’m not really looking for anyone’s pity or sorrow, I really just want to stop feeling terrible and having memories other than bad decisions or mistakes I have made.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice in help dealing with anxiety & depression?


This is the advice you always expect out of a person but it really help when I had an attack (revealed to be OCD) I went to a therapist. It is really the best thing for a person to do, even seeing some sort of counsellor is better than chemical substances. Hell I am sure your country has some sort of mental health foundation or government program. Start there they have plenty of advice

If you want easy anxiety cures try simple things then try something like meditation (there are several varieties), I also advise a break from technology as well. Find something to focus on that is not fear inducing.

Depression is different and there is no magical cure from what I understand of the disorder. My only piece of advice is to ignore what you think you know. Depression IS NOT feelings it can be symptomatic of unresolved emotional issue or a broader disorder or imbalance it will not go away on its own.


For what you say is that you are constantly pushing yourself down for whatever screw up you did beofre even if it was years ago and in the long term it wasn’t that big. I can only tell you to look forward and accept that while you messed up before, that’s in the past. Now you can do your best to avoid repeating the mistake.

By the way, curing your depression can only come when you find something that makes you genuinely happy and fulfilled, but piece of advice, make sure it isn’t a living thing. Maybe an activity or something like a thing from your childhood that made you really joyful, you know, things from a more simple time and perspective.


A girlfriend might work. But some times it could make it worse. Only advice I can give is the one that works for me.
Work out or a sport that takes some time away and thoughts.


Alcohol just does anexiety and depression even worse, same with extented use of diazepam.

It’s very easy to be addicted to both alchol and diazepam, so I would be very careful with that.

My advice is to stop with alcohol and use as little as diazepam as possible, if I was you I would try antidepressant instead.

You should call your doctor as soon as possible and get a appointment and talk about your conditions and ask about antidepressants.
Mental problems is very common and it’s nothing to be ashamed for, just saying.

Making bad decisions and mess up is a natural human thing, I’m pretty sure everyone have done something they regret (I know I have, several times :joy:, I can laugh about it now, but not back then.), it’s a part of being a human I think, so if I was in your situation I would try to but it behind me and say to myself “done is done” and If you have learned from the mistakes or bad decisions I would try to find comfort in that (I know I do.), instead of thinking about stuff you can’t go back and change.


Just don’t turn your back towards her if she had offered you an escape plan and suddenly you find yourself in a coffin.