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Can your GP refer you for CBT? Try that, it’s very useful.

By yourself, you can try mindfulness. I did 20 minutes of that a day during a slump a few years ago and it cleared my mind for the day. Are your work hours reasonable or are you being overworked?


Launched the latest article on my wee football shirt site, this time about a Danish shirt even! :blue_heart:



I’m pretty worried on how well HITMAN 2 is selling. A month after release and we’ve already had two sales (on PS4) of the thing, and this one’s pretty substantial.


I have mixed thoughts about that. I saw the sale on my PS4, Standard Edition is 50% off while Gold is at 95$, down from 120$. I didn’t see the Silver Edition being included though.

At least I’ll be able to actually buy the game now that it’s significantly cheaper, but that doesn’t ease my worries of how well the game is performing. A drop in price like that is not a good sign at all.


I’m less worried than I would be normally given the expansion pass isn’t dropped down - so I suspect part of it is they just figure since it’s a lesser known title (compared to the top titles anyway) they need to hook people in.


Eh, that’s not entirely significant of how well its doing. Season Passes rarely go on sale, if ever. It’s usually – like in this case – the full bundle of Game+Season Pass goes on sale and you’d really be missing out on not buying it if you’re a new player.


I quit Greggs a few days ago and will start working for a pizza place on Friday as a full time delivery driver. Should be interesting, it will be good to have some full time work.

I’ve actually been coming up with a plan lately. A few years ago, my grandad moved into my house when it became clear he wasn’t able to live by himself, so mum converted the garage into a granny flat. Grandad died nearly 2 years ago now and the granny flat has just been used for storage.

The idea is to basically build a small interior wall in the hallway, so that the granny flat would actually be a proper flat. Replace the carpets and furniture, put in a new kitchen, convert the closet into a space for a washing machine. Thankfully the bathroom just needs a clean. And then put it up for rent.

Hopefully could be a good way to get some more income, but I would probably need a loan, at least £5,000. But if I pull it off with the help of people I know, it would be nice to not be living too close to the edge with just a minimum wage job to go by.


What’s the rent in your area? It could work if you have some universities nearby.
Why don’t you try to apply for factory work. Here in my town it’s very convenient and many folks want’s to entry.


Not too sure, but I live in a town outside of Edinburgh, with a bus route and a train station within walking distance that both take you to the city centre. I am thinking it could be good for a student.

I really don’t think I’d be good for factory work. I don’t plan on staying with the pizza place for a long time, but I will for now until maybe this flat takes off, so I have more income so that it creates more breathing room.


My work has been really busy lately, so I haven’t been around as much. Especially because I haven’t seen all of the plot for Hitman yet :sweat_smile:.

My Saints cosplay shipped a while ago, but it it not here yet and is coming from overseas so it doesn’t have an ETA. I can’t wait for it to come, though :D.


Just finished my running.Thankfully I have a running track that’s 15 min away from my place.
It’s also been snowing today and although I thought it would suck to run while it’s snowing,the temptation to recreate running scene from HITMAN E3 trailer was too strong


36 km
10:00m new record


Wasn’t it the opposite? ahahaha

36 minutes for 10 km not 36 km in 10 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I suck compared to 47 it seems.I ran 7.7 km in 52 minutes but I started jogging every week a month ago.I hope I’ll be able to accomplish that time one day


Ooooh I haven’t seen it in a while :sweat_smile:


Running is a bitch. But once you get results it motivates you do go even harder.
That’s almost 8 km. It’s very good, but if I may a suggestion, don’t look at the time but at the km you can do without stopping.
Better your time once you can make 10km with no complication. How’s your breath while running?

But congrats. 8 km is really a good result. And running in the snow does makes you feel like 47 :smile:


Work did a Secret Santa thing… I got a cool yet baffling item with some mixed messages.

As a side note, turns out I am as bad at drums as I expected.


Yep,that’s what I’m aiming for.I usually keep the same tempo and go as long as possible without stopping (I know,that sounds erotic)

Pretty good,no problem with breathing,I think I could have gone another km but my legs and knees were starting to get tired


My biggest problem at one point was the legs. I talked with every runner every change I had about this problem and searched on the internet for solutions.

My coworker who’s a runner told me to just trow your legs in front while you run and when you put down the foot, try to step with the middle part of the shoe. In an article I read that is very important that your steps falls right under the weight of your body.
I’m running with a mix of suggestion and I haven’t got a problem since. It takes time to get used with the pain but after a while you don’t feel it anymore.
Another factor is what I eat before. Sometimes I feel heavy, sometimes good. For me it works better on an empty stomach eating a yogurt 10 minutes before run.

My longest run was 21 km. something without stopping in 2 hours and 6 minutes.
While my fastest 10 km run was done in 49 minutes.

By a big coincidence the battery life is at 47%


What app is that?
Also do you run in the morning or evening?I started in the evening since no one’s there on running track and it’s more peaceful but I don’t know if there’s any difference in terms of results or benefits


Garmin app for a gamin watch to monitor the distance, heart rate, time and other things. I also like to run when there is no one around.
I prefer at night or very early in the morning. I don’t know why but if I run with daylight I feel weak, but at night I’m a monster. Not really night like after 00:00 but when it’s dark (from 18:00 to 20:00).
When I’m at work I would go after finishing at 08:30 in the morning. But now that the roads are full of snow I run in the gym on that machine for running. In fact that machine in my opinion trains your resistance.

While outside you have times where you go fast, then slow, then fast again, then your dead and go even slower. In the gym you set up a certain speed and that’s it till the end. It develops some sort of muscle memory and when you go outside you would run as in the gym because your mind is used to move in that rhythm.
Currently in the gym I’m running with a speed of 12.5 kmh for 6 or 7 km. It’s boring because you stay still and reach no destination.