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Absolutely gutted.

My band’s rehearsal space burned down last night. All of our gear was in there, everything we own, thousands of pounds worth of instruments, microphones, amplifiers, PA equipment that has taken years to accumulate… and it’s just gone.

Feeling completely numb right now.


Oh shit that sucks hard. Was anything insured?


No, but the owner of the building has insurance - It’s gonna take a long time to figure all that out, though. For now, all band related things are going on hold.


Okay, this is getting worse. Apparently there was a huge explosion preceding the fire and there’s a chance people may have been in the building at the time.

We can replace our gear, but you can’t replace life. I really hope nobody was in there.


What kind of building was it exactly? A storage building?


It was a warehouse on an industrial estate with converted units. We leased an acoustically treated room designed to be a rehearsal space and shared it with 2 or 3 other bands. I know there’s a mechanics workshop on the ground floor but apparently the fire started upstairs near our room.


holy shit. i hope at least no one got hurt! And also a good thing you didnt took than Loan for the new microphone :wink:

Hope everything will turn out good :slight_smile:

Did you forgot your Mixtape there? :grin:


Oh that’s still happening. I can’t put that off. I’m just gonna have to find a way to finance it all.


yeah, but i meant you didnt had the loan for the new mic and two days after it burned with your Room :slight_smile:


Update - It doesn’t appear anyone was hurt. However, the building has been condemned and is a potential crime scene. Our stuff is almost certainly destroyed.


Fuuuccck! I’m terribly sorry to hear about your misfortune, man. Maybe take some time off for a little R&R.


That sucks man. At least nobody got hurt/killed.


My little Hamontaro passed away some minutes ago. Yesterday and pretty late at night the fella had an anal prolapse and his innards came out. Was bleeding a lot and no vets avaible so the best we could get was to call our vet and she told me to stuff his intestine inside again. Had to do it 2 times.

Tried to keep him as warm for the night and took him to the vet ASAP this morning.

Was looking better but in the middle of him waking up, moving and Dr. injecting him, once again his intestines came out and bleeding again. She told me that there was no way around it and this would keep happening so had to put to sleep the sweet baby.

What fucking crap of a day.


Shit, never heard of an anal prolapse until now but it must be fucking painful. Sorry for your loss. Sounds like putting him to sleep was the only thing to do.


Sorry to hear. Just got back from the vet too. My Siamese sassy has been losing weight. Looks like lymphoma maybe a few weeks to a couple months.
She’s the one on the left with the big eyes.


Damn man, what a shit day of HMF news.
Hope all you guys are okay, I know its hard at the moment but try to keep your spirits up, my thoughts are with you.


Yeah, today fucking blows to be honest. I try not to be too materialistic but my instruments are like an extension of me. Really feels like a good chunk of my life went up in smoke today.


@scm97tl so sorry to hear that!! but it was probably the best for the little Fellow, now he doesnt suffer anymore :frowning:

Dont worry Guys, Life is shit sometimes but at some point it can only get better. Heads up!


I’m finally done with reading a old AAR, The German RISK, thought it was pretty good and funny


Sad to say @Platinum.Pokitaru decided to leave the forum. Wished the lad well!

If you end up reading this Poki, you’re always welcome back :slight_smile: