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The building process begins!

It’s alive!


That’s fucking terrible.
What was there that likely exploded? As you said it was near your space upstairs, you might have noticed if anything is out of place.


The police are still investigating. The Remains of the building are structurally unsafe, so nobody can get inside. Once they’ve had a forensics team inside to investigate then they can start clearing the asbestos.


This is pretty cool or even ultra cool :bomb: :boom: :smiley::

Congratulation and good luck Solskjær and I’m looking forward to see how it goes against your last english manager team Cardiff on saturday.


In the last few days I played some Modern Warfare 3 again, and very active. Motivated to continue the long road to prestige 20. But then I joined the wrong lobby, and got instant an Unlock All - basically making me prestige 20 with all the unlocks.

Wow. I was prestige 6, not much, but it took a long time for me to reach this point. And everything was clean und legit up to this point. After I explained him my struggle, he was like “Go search match! First class GOD MODE!” While I just wanted my legit account back. But surprise, it’s not possible to change everything back like it was before - but I can reset myself to zero, which is probably the best option for me. Suddenly I’m waiting for him to change be again to 20, because he tried to put me back on 6, which is a good idea - but all the emblems and that stuff are still unlocked. Hopefully he’ll do it. And I want to kill myself. Some people pay for that sh*t.


Please don’t do that.


The only time in a multiplayer I reseted everything to zero was with Bioshochock 2 Civil War, and I did it just to get a couple of golden masks (rabbit one and a bucket).

Still, this wasn’t your fault so just play around with the stuff now you have and learn to master it.


Back at 0 again now, very frustrating but I’m happy that he kind of helped me out again. I just wanted to play a round MW3 - what is going on.


Call of Duty is now starting to suck retroactively Activision continue to show how they are the masters of yanking the dogs chain.


Finally all of these Ghost Mode challenges, some of them were really frustrating. People often ragequited, specially when I set up more complicated kills like for example SO one or all accidents.


Since this is often more read than the December patch thread, I can confirm the Jason Portman mission story has reverted back to involving a surgeon.


it only took them two games and over a year to fix it


Fix what? Jason portman opportunity was broken?


Just a bit, in H1 the surgeon NPC that Portman meets up with was replaced with a regular doctor sometime last year. This made getting a surgeon disguise more difficult, glad to see that this change has been reverted.


Finally they fixed it!


Yay so I can remake my S1 Featured Contract where I already forced to get another surgeon disguise. IO shall not think they can spread frustration when that is clearly my privilege!


Oh well, I’m going home but the ET was starting just an hour before we were supposed to take off. I planned to do the Holiday Hoarder challenges and ET before that and then quickly eject the hard drive to download 500gb stuff on it from home and gtfo to the train but then this popped up :cry:

No way to do those now so I ejected the disk there and then. Lol, I know these are just two suits but I’m feeling way too bad. Then i started questioning if devoting so much to a video game in even worth it, feelsbadman


Congrats to IOI for opening a studio in Malmö
Have a happy friday and a lovely weekend


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Oddly I can’t find any news articles about IO opening up a studio in Malmö Sweden, neither in Danish or English. Plus nothing at IO’s own homepage about it either.


Looks like Rapidus is the source but yeah I cant find anything either.
Possibly be announced on monday. It might have gotten leaked early somehow

Maybe someone from IOI can tell us :slight_smile: