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Fuck school, of course they gave us work to do over the holidays, even though it’s supposed to be…yknow, holidays.


A lady called the reception for a request. I don’t know if she was shy or just didn’t knew the right term (Korean client), but she asked me “do you have female needs?”.
I figured out she was referring to tampons and I was right. Guess it’s a bit embarrassing for a woman to ask for such things.
Any way we don’t have them. But I should talk with the owner to buy some because it’s not the first time I’m asked this.


Well that new studio might explain why those bugs are still being patched.

Damn, I am a second year (now third I guess) Uni student and I don’t have to work on my summer (your winter) holidays.


I forgot that your holidays aren’t for a few months overseas. You had me so confused for a bit. Australia is pretty unique sometimes. That all goes away during Uni


Dude, I have been on holidays since like November and I go back in February. I get so incredibly bored sometimes.


Yeah same here, I’ve been done since the 7th. Caught up with a lot of people and went out in the first month. Now that a lot of people are away or prepping for Christmas, I find I spend a decent amount of time just sitting around bored. I think I got back on the 26th of Feb.


Same as me, I get so bored. I also go back on the 26th so it is still two more months.


What fucking degrees are you guys doing that you get three month holidays?! :joy:

I broke up yesterday, back out on placement come the 7th and I’m doing an essay to boot!


Southern hemisphere degrees


Well I am doing a bachelors in the arts (English/Creative Writing major, Sociology as a sub-major and History/Cultural Studies as a minor). I was looking into a masters in teaching but I dropped it early.





Perfect timing for the most beautiful time of the year


I’ve finally drank a bottle of beer, a christmas beer.

So this is the first time I’ve finished one


Damn, this might be too offensive to post. De-spoiler at your own risk


Nice and Foggy here. Just went for a walk with some black metal on my headphones


My cousins moved over to New Zealand about 15 years ago. Yesterday they were brought up in conversation for some reason with my parents; turns out they live in Hawke’s Bay :laughing:


On my way home from work, I misjudged the position of a road island and hit it with the front right of my car. Caused my tyre to be torn and the hubcap to fly off. Decided to limp 2 miles to a nearby garage tyre shop. Halfway there, going at 15mph with my hazard lights on, I get pulled over by the police. They inspect my licence and I wind up getting breathilized. They let me go, I get to the garage and pull outside it.

It’s after midnight by this point, so I write a note and head to the front door to put it in the letterbox. I walk within a meter of this car by the front door, and the car goes balistic. A massive alarm is sounded, so I quickly turn and put the note on my windscreen. The alarm quickly goes off thankfully. I walk home.

To be honest, I feel extremely humiliated right now by the whole thing. Hoping all that needs done is getting the lacerated tyre replaced.


So as it turned out, the tyre centre I went to is shut for the holidays, and same for the nearby garage. Ran out of options, decided to call dad. He came, it turned out I actually do I have a spare tyre in my boot. I was so tired last night I completely forgot, I was thinking of my last car that didn’t have one. Spent 20 minutes trying to just get the tyre out of the boot because the clamp on it was so extremely tight, had to use a hammer to move the damn thing.

The tyre was in good nic, replaced the lacerated one, then went to a petrol station to put air in all the tyres. Glad that worked out, was worried about spending alot of money on this whole thing. Went with dad to see Bumblebee, that was a fun movie. I’m glad my dad is so supportive, but I also think he loves to be handy and helpful.


Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (Honours). This holiday is what almost everyone has in during May-Juneish. Just summer is different seasonally


I know this is a bit of a late response, but I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. As someone who finds it so much easier to relate to animals than humans (in a "I’m emotionally and socially shit way), I know how devastating the loss of a pet can be. I hope you were/are alright, or at least coping. :slight_smile: