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I already got other 2 hamsters and they are doing fine. I’m still sad about what happned but at least I’m calm that little Hamontaro isn’t suffering anymore. Thanks for your kind words.


I’m very glad to hear that they’ve settled in well, wish you all the best with them. :slight_smile:


Forgot to ask, but what are they called? They’re very cute haha. What type of hamster?


Dunno what type they are and honestly I haven’t named they yet. Still, the ginger one is a thunder: pretty active, while the blonde one is extremely shy.


Ah, okay. Naming them is always the hardest part, haha. How old are they?


No idea but way older than the other little baby


Ah, okay. Well, best of luck with them :slight_smile:


A Russian client just gave me a 20€ tip because I wished him Happy New Year.
I know it’s not their new year calendar but I’m saying it to every client.


You know I’ve had this thought on my mind for a while, it’s something that’s really been bugging me recently; what’s the deal with people having to put /s at the end of a post to indicate that it’s sarcasm?

Like, in most cases the point of sarcasm is to provide humour. Sticking a /s at the end of a sarcastic post completely undermines the punchline of the joke by straight up acknowledging that you are being sarcastic, when the point of sarcasm is to pretend you’re saying something you wouldn’t normally say. It totally breaks character.

And if sarcasm is being used in an argument, surely it would be better to not have the /s? Because I’m thinking the whole point of /s is to cater to people who don’t pay enough attention to what you’re saying to understand that you’re being sarcastic. But if you’re in an argument with this person, who cares? Like wouldn’t outing them as an idiot that can’t understand sarcasm be beneficial for you in this situation?

It all stems from a fear of the “core” of the post being misunderstood by people. But who cares right? If people don’t get it, then people don’t get it, and you still can sleep soundly knowing you produced a quality, if underappreciated, post.

It just comes off as being a bit obnoxious or condescending I guess. Like, "haha by the way if you’re a big dumb stupid idiot, that masterfully crafted and well-thought-out joke I shared was just me playing a character :wink: " Like imagine somebody pulling that shit when they told a regular joke? Would it not lessen the impact it had? It’s just something that bothers me. I’ve come across many quality posts totally ruined by that little 2 character notation stuck on at the very end


Text is not transporting sarcasm very well.


If you can detect it, it does just as good a job as your voice


But that is the problem. It is harder to detect.


Then people who can’t detect it should spend some time identifying the common signs of it in text, just like how people learned how to detect sarcasm in real life


I take it as a trend in modern writing, just like the typycal “:^)” . And honestly, it’s pointless given how many people act condescending and pricky in comments sections these days even without provocation.


In real life the phonics are a common sign. You can’t include phonics in text.
Unless you find signs for sarcasm that are only existent in text form, the missing phonics make sarcasm in text objectively harder to transport/detect.


Tone of voice and flippancy can play a huge part in how we interpret something as sarcastic or not - So through text alone, it is a lot harder to both portray and detect.

I prefer to place emphasis on certain words rathe than use /s though but it’s still not foolproof.

Civilized Conversation: A Primer

By “common signs of it in text”, I meant it as in “the text form of sarcasm”, not sarcasm as a whole. Of course the same signs you use to identify sarcasm in real life do not exist in text.


I don’t know about it man. 🤷


DAMN I got bamboozled in another thread my bad, I’ll keep my elitist “don’t need /s” ass mouth shut, that shit is embarrassing.

I’m gonna go into training for a few years, out in the wilderness where I can hone my sarcasm detection skills so that when I return I can be as much of an elitist asshole as I’d like

See yous later



Dunno where to post this but can the people from who their avatar disappeared please upload it again? I don’t know who’s who anymore. :disappointed_relieved: