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As of yesterday I am out on placement with the District Nurse team. This is the first of six placements I will get over the next three years of my degree. The last four months has been just theory based, apart from one day in the clinical skills lab so it is great to be out spending time with patients.

Have already witnessed one death so far. Assisted with changing the dressings on legs wounds and seen plenty of other bits and pieces. Tomorrow I get to start on delivering insulin injections for diabetic patients!


Mentioned about a year ago in January that my computer had an overheating problem. Its starting to get really irritating now.

Normally the computer sits at around 47-43 degrees Celsius with no windows or programs open.

While waiting in the small window that pops up when you start Hitman on steam, it heated up to around 55 degrees Celsius. Just from a small window that says “Play, Options, Exit”.

Then once I start the actual application, it can go anywhere from 60-70 degrees. It sometimes skyrockets to 80 degrees and then quickly goes back to 60-70.

When I was testing the temperatures while playing Hitman, I did a test to see how hot my computer got while loading in a mission for the first time.

As soon as I pressed the Play button on Holiday Hoarders, the temperatures went from 60-70 to 70-90. Just after 1 or 2 seconds of just being in the loading screen. I hadn’t started any missions beforehand, all I did was pick a loadout and load in.

The biggest issue I have is when you actually play the mission. Just 2 minutes - 5 minutes in the computer sits at around 85 to 95 degrees. This is a big problem considering that longer playthroughs (challenges, kill everyones, etc.) means that if I don’t save every 30 seconds, I’m going to lose progress after the last autosave because either the game crashes or my PC crashes.

I’ve started looking at questions about the laptop and it seems some people are annoyed as well. There’s not much you can do.

I’ve already:

  • Turned every setting in Hitman to the lowest (and turned off V-Sync)
  • Limited my FPS to 60
  • Gotten a cooling pad
  • Changed the Maximum Processor state to 50%
  • Changed Super Sampling from 1.00 to 0.90

I’m considering turning it back in for repair or even refund it. After almost a year of dealing with overheating, it’s gotten way too annoying and its really frustrating to try and play a game where only a few minutes after starting up the game and playing the computer crashes.


This is one of the reasons for not buying gaming laptops, if you search google about gaming laptop overheating, you will see it’s not just the brand you got, but gaming laptops from all brands have this issue, in my opinion laptop for gaming is general a bad idea, because of poor cooling and hard to upgrade hardware.



A usual computer with the same specs as such a laptop is usually less expensive in my experience. Even more if you buy it in parts.


1 coworker! Just one coworker took me to accept on facebook now everyone is sending me friend requests :rage:
I like to have on facebook only people that I know and every year at my job majority of the staff changes. So I end up with folks on social media that I will never see again in my life.

Oh well… If anyone from you here want’s to add me on facebook, you can tipe badeaguard in the search bar and I should be the only one. I will be glad to have some of you there.


Hey Europe / Norway dudes,

What’s up with this?

Only briefly read up on it recently.


I don’t know it’s not much info about this case in norwegian news, only that she is married to one of the richest men here in Norway (I don’t know who that is), she have been missing for 10 weeks and now the police goes out to the media about ransom demand, they haven’t heard from her or any other life signs, so maybe the police think she is dead at this point? Because the persons behind the ransom demand said not tell the police, but since police is going out with this, maybe they don’t think she is alive anymore?

Kidnapping cases like this is rare here in Norway.


First time I’ve ever recognized a user across forums.



I’m more active on that forum for the time being, all I do is playing RDR 2, day and night :joy: and I use the same user name and profile picture on all forums I’m a member of :blush:.


Seeing people you know from other places on forums is always cool. It’s a great way to strengthen friendships.

I ran into @Spodey on Hentai Zaibatsu.com what musta been around 2 years ago now? That shit was hilarious. We’ve been trading all the latest doujinshis and tentacle vids ever since! I would consider it a turning point in our friendship


I knew there was something up with you dude :rofl:


Yeah okay Mr. “I get a kick out of roleplaying as a bald clone man who mercilessly kills people for money” :roll_eyes:


I’m not sure I roleplay… I’m definitely not a speedruner. But I do value immersion.

Yo, we’re all fucked up fam don’t hate


oh man, good times. I miss those days


I saw a Spodey on a crime cold case forum, but that probably wasn’t you right?


I don’t think I go by this name anywhere but here so it’s never me 🤷


Hey. So I know I have droned on about muh rehearsal space bawww for a while, but I just wanted to share this here. A GoFundMe has been organised for the 8 bands who lost everything in the fire back in December and it finally went live today. The target is very ambitious, but I am hopeful that we can at least get some compensation for the bands and musicians affected if we share widely enough. If anyone can afford to chip in, it’d be much appreciated by myself and all of the others. I will dance at your wedding for you. Or just say thank you from the bottom of my heart, whatever works.


I can’t express how sad i feel right now. It’s only comparable to my feelings about Hitman. Thank you for letting me now Urben.


Did you played echo?
I presume it is just single inside location with repetative gameplay.
Why would it susceed?


For those that have been here awhile I’ve shared quite a few pics of my Siamese cats Sebastian and Sassy. They both played fetch and are lap cats that always hung out with us unlike many cats that keep to themselves

Well today sassy lost her battle with lymphoma and passed early this morning. Very sad day for us. She died peacefully and her brother Sebastian I’m sure will be lonely. As sad as it is she had a great life and we really took care of her. Thanks for reading. Here’s a few pics.