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Yes i have, several times.

Might get repetitive for some, depends on the player. The story and the AI replicating your moves and how you adapt and overcome to them are the strong points of ECHO, “You are basically playing against yourself” in the words of the Game Director, not to mention the creativity behind every environment.

For trying to do something different for once?


Really bad bus crash in my city, I used to live in the Westboro area until just recently. Three dead at this time, second major accident in the city involving double deckers.


Posted these in the original music thread but more people seem to check here.

My band stealthily released some “new” songs yesterday. Give them a listen, maybe you will enjoy them. :slight_smile:


These are both really good Quinn, I especially liked “Between Thieves” who is the guy singing, is it you? It’s really very good!


Thank you! No, I don’t sing (You don’t want to hear me singing believe me). I just thump the bass.


Oh come on you can’t be that bad lol but again, very good work bro, it sounds great. Hope to hear more in the future! :+1:


So what is up with the Hitman community and 90% of them having cats?

I’m all for dogs but I’m not here to start a fight about that lol


Cats are equal parts adorable and Silent Murder Machines, they are perfect killers that prays on humans stupidity. I wouldn’t call 47 adorable per say, but he sure is a perfect silent murder machine.

Also cats are liquid.


The only reason to have a cat is if you have rats.
Also for kittens. Cats breed very fast, sometimes 2 times a year. And the litter is adorable till 2 months of age. Then you can eat them. Win win.


Don’t forget hamsters.


Still in college and gotta take 3 levels of a foreign language in order to graduate.

Has me tight if I’m honest.

However a class is being offered that is supposed to be unique. The professor I guess is a minor celerity, for all the international press he has done. It’s Intensive Italian for gamers.

So pretty much he has us playing Assassins Creed, Tomb raider, and heavy rain along with one or two others. I’ve only gone to class once so I dunno what really to expect.

He suggested that if we play games at home to turn our system to Italian and play as we normally do with Italian subs and audio if possible.

I tried going through most of my game library to see what had Italian options and I am pretty much stuck with Hitman.

So now I play Hitman to learn Italian and after one mission I figured out open, close, subdue. I don’t know if I am saying them right but I drilled my self out of context and I retained it. I vaguely recall combat, knife, and compromised.

It’s funny how quickly I forgot everything once the English went away.

Thanks IO of having more than 2 or 3 languages in your game.


That it’s actually pretty cool. Videogames were of my main incentives to learn English in order to understand many of the things you were supposed to do to progress. Not every game had a dub or a video to show what to do.


Do they still have perceivable French accents? Is the Italian dubbing just as fucking terrible as the English dubbing?


first day was yesterday.

He says we play games in class, I dunno exactly how that is gonna work. I will let you know about the accents in heavy rain.

I lied and told him I am not a gamer, so when I show my crazy mad gamer skills everyone thing I am a natural. LOL


Sure in my country when we suggest we play video games in my classes they say I we are being slackers.


You get the games with the course, or you have to buy them?
Interesting idea in any case! But it depends on the level of the language used in the game. Often there are mistakes.
Also, are you meant to learn from games you haven’t played before (as in: you don’t know what they’re saying) or replaying (playing through a game you already know what’s it about).

I learned English thanks to forums like these. :slight_smile:


He kept saying “We play games in class” and the syllabus didn’t say nothing about buying a system and games. Just a Italian vocab book. So I get the strong impression I don’t have to buy anything but the book and he provides the games and system.

And it’s a technology class room or whatever they call it. Instead of a chaulk or white board it’s just a big computer screen on the wall. It had a play station home screen showing and he brought out a stack of games.

All the games I mentioned and more he showed off. Enzio collection, the last two assassins creed, last two tomb raiders, it was a nice stack.

The guy told us about himself, seems he is a HUGE video game nerd. Wrote for game magazines and claims to have every single western video game system ever made.

When he suggested we play our games in Italian he suggested that we pick a game we have beaten already and replay it again in Italian. So yeah I think he wants you to already have some context.


I am sorry but what country does one have to live in where video games are homework and your teachers lend out video game consoles.


Forget homework! I want that teacher’s job.


that’s what I am saying.

He was like “Oh by the way I won’t be here for the final, Ubisoft is flying me out to give a presentation about how I use their games to teach.”