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I like the idea. I also learnt my english and to speak fluenty by watching movies, tv series with english voice and swedish text, playing games and listening to music.


Hitman is seriously helped me about English. Don’t be fooled “USA” in profile, I just want to hide my nationality.

Same except sweedish part. And I have too much thing to learn.


When is there ever a bus crash that isn’t horrible?


If Lil Xan is the only person on the bus


No idea who that is.


Rapper who called Tupac boring and overdosed on hot cheetos


Is this a joke? It feels like a joke.


Biggie > Tupac

Pac so overrated imo

Pass me the hot Cheetos!




LMFAO omg haha I knew Lil Xan was a total idiot after his Pac diss (yo the dudes been dead 20 years he ain’t gonna be replying to yo broke ass), but the Hot Cheetos thing…

Yeah I agree Biggie over Tupac, don’t agree he’s overrated though! Biggie had the best rhymes, Pac had the best beats imo


DJ premier had the best beats. AKA Gang Starr and he did most beats on Illmatic, the greatest hip hop record of all time


Oh for sure I don’t mean all time I meant between the two lol Love DJ Premier but let’s not forget J Dilla either!





For me its always gonna be Bone Thugs since I was young always blasting BTNH Music, especially Krayzie Bone

just more tracks







There so many tracks I want to post. If you have Spotify listen to them there. Much better quality
Krayzie Spotify


Oh I thought you meant he died from it.


Since the topic has sort of descended into a hiphop head discussion I wanna throw one more name in there from the golden age (mid 80s-mid/late 90s imo) and that’s KRS One, used to rinse him and Boogie Down (RIP Scott le Rock) all the time, seeing him in a few months live cant wait :smiley:


I just went to feed my hamster George and he’s dead :disappointed_relieved:. He was quite old and had lost all his fur a few weeks or so ago. We obviously knew he was on his way out but still not nice. Feeling guilty I didn’t get him out of his cage more now.


Its always sad and unfortunate to lose someone close to you, cared for and taking care of for a long time. Worry, remember and think about the many good times you had and experienced with him instead of the loss and that he’s not with you anymore even if can be very difficult to do. Take care :heart:


Playing a gig tonight for the first time in about 10 months. It’s also the first time my Noisecore side-project have performed live. We’ve only managed to rehearse twice since our rehearsal room burned down. This is simultaneously the least prepared and most excited I have been before a show.

It will be a beautiful trainwreck.


Someone was sexual harrased my grandma, now she hates all black people :rage:

I don’t like any kind of discrimination, but I couldn’t convince her to stop this. Can someone help me?